Cabin – Viking v’s Princess

As most readers are aware, this is our 2nd World Cruise, having completed the 2015 WC on Sun Princess, R/T from Sydney. Many have asked how Viking compares to Princess, so this post will cover the standards, decor and fittings of our current cabin, and compare them to a comparable cabin on Sun Princess. All comments are our personal opinion and may not reflect the thoughts of others. Comparisons are from memory and reviewing numerous photos from our 2015 cruise.

Cabin Photos (from balcony doors)


Sun Princess

Viking Sun Cabin

Viking Sun

Cabin Size (based on respective cruise line websites)

  • Viking Sun – 270 sq feet
  • Sun Princess – 180 sq feet

Both cabins were similar category balcony cabins, with the Viking cabin being about 50% larger. While photographs really don’t show the difference, as the Viking bed is longer, the bathroom is almost twice the size and the desk area is larger. Although the Viking cabin is only slightly wider, it is considerably longer.

Winner – Viking


Being smaller the Princess cabin uses mirrors extensively to give the illusion of greater space. The Princess cabin was basically plain white bulkheads and cabinets. The Viking cabin has extensive use of imitation wood grain and has a padded table. With Viking, the area below my laptop is a make-up area that when raised includes lights and mirror.

Winner – Viking


The Viking bed is larger, firmer and is extremely comfortable. The Princess bed was just OK and was not even close to being as comfortable as Viking, The 6 pillows are again excellent and memory foam pillow are available upon request. The linens on Viking is also superior to Princess.

For bed lights, Viking have a lamp on each side and an LED light on both sides of the headboard. Also conveniently located on both sides are lighting controls for the main lights and the night light outside the bathroom.

Princess had a lamp on both sides of the bed.

Winner – Viking


Super Comfortable Bed


Compared to Viking, the Princess bathroom can best be described as compact, as it is a single person space. The Viking bathroom is huge, has lots of storage, a huge shower, heated deck and tasteful decor.

Bathroom shower

Huge Shower

On Viking, you should never hear the standard cruise ship joke about the shower – soap down the bulkheads, enter shower and do a 360, turn on water and rinse. The Viking shower must be double the size of Princess.

Bathroom sink & counter

Sink & Counters


Bathroom counter and storage

Sink, counter & storage

Great modern sink with easy to use tap. At the far left of the counter is the control for the heated floor. Yes, before jumping in the shower, turn on the heat and you step out onto a warm deck.


Huge Bathroom

The huge bathroom easily accommodates both of us.

Winner – Viking (by a mile)


Office space and bar

Multi-Function Desk, Bar & Make-Up Station

Although the Princess Desk appears larger, it did double as an end table for 1 side of the bed. It also only came with a stool, whereas Viking supply a proper chair. The Viking desk is manufactured with wood grain materials, with an imitation leather top.

It is provided with 2 North American and 2 European outlets and 3 USB outlets integrated with the desk lamp. The ship’s tour audiovox sets are plugged into a European outlet, so 2 North American outlets are available. No UK outlets are provided.

The drawer to the right is the fridge, which is huge. It is restocked daily. They also provide a carafe of drinking water twice per day and additional bottles, upon request at no charge.

Below my laptop is a storage area, make-up centre. The desk top lifts to reveal lights and a mirror on the underside, which can be used by the ladies to apply make up, while sitting on the seat.

Winner – Viking

Bed Side Tables

Bed side table

Bed Side Table

Princess had one table and the other side was part of the desk. As seen above, on Viking they include both N/American & European outlets and 2 USB outlets, on each side. The small drawer is fairly shallow, but is great for medications and the shelf is perfect for storing my camera. Viking is again finished in wood grain, while Princess was plain white.

Identical lighting controls are provided on each side. The larger switch controls the main lights, while the smaller switch is the night-light located just outside the bathroom door.

Winner – Viking


Cabin chairs

Lounge Area with 2 Comfortable Chairs

Viking provide 2 chairs, but Princess had only 1, as their cabin wasn’t large enough to accommodate another one. Viking also provide a good size table, with a padded top.

Winner – Viking


Even with Viking providing 3 additional drawers in the closet, starting with the Viking Sun, storage is somewhat limited. Although we managed to unpack everything, it took some creativity to make it all fit. Princess had significantly more drawers.

Although drawer space is somewhat limited, we find the closet more than adequate, Adding drawers to one side has created a short & long side for hanging clothes. They also provide as many hangers as you require. We find that this arrangement works for us very well. I have read complaints from other that they don’t like the location next to the bed, but we have had no issues, so far.

Winner – Princess


Some may use the excuse that the Princess Ship was older and the Viking ship is less than 3 yrs old. However, I have commanded many 40+ year old ships that were cleaner and better maintained than Princess. On the Princess ship the ventilation system was long overdue for cleaning, as Judi had to replace her breathing machine filters way to often. The balcony door on Princess had no seal on the bottom, so when it rained water poured in, requiring the steward to stuff the area with towels. Apparently so many doors were in similar condition that the ship had no parts.

Our Viking cabin is spotless and everything works.

Winner – Viking


When we joined Sun Princess back in 2015, it had been many years since we had sailed on a vessel of that class. When we entered the cabin, I still recall the initial reaction – OMG!! the cabin has shrunk. With Viking initial impression was Wow,

12 thoughts on “Cabin – Viking v’s Princess

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  2. Yikes, I got busy and got behind on your blog, but spending my Sunday catching up!! Thanks for the comparison. Our top three choices for our future WC are Regent, Viking, Crystal. Going to depend on itinerary somewhat when we are ready to book.


    • Thanks Tamera – compared to Viking, Regent and Crystal are a little more formal on some nights. Viking is smart casual every evening and they do monitor to maintain the standard, as we know at least 2 people who were denied entry to the MDR until they changed. Good luck with your research.


  3. This is the best travel blog ever! I became aware of this cruise a little over a year ago and it is my ultimate dream voyage. I’ve studied the itinerary, the ship, the cruise critic commentaries and now that I found your blog, I am your avid fan as well. I think I could just move in to your stateroom and make it a permanent residence. I’ve often imagined I would make best friends of the bar crew in the Explorers Lounge and just spend an entire sea day up there sipping on jack & coke while reading a book and getting a bowl of split pea soup at Mamsen’s to keep hunger at bay.
    Back here in reality, I’ll continue to work 14 hours days so that my dream voyage can happen. Keep the posts coming. I am loving them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Steve – appreciate the feedback. We also have long time bloggers MonaLisa & Steve, who are Lowestravels, on board. They are also posting from the ship. You can find a link from my favourite blogs section, or I included a link in an earlier post.

      Enjoy and hope those 14 hour days manifest into a brilliant cruise not too far in the future.


  4. Agree wholeheartedly with your analysis. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on food.

    If you’re willing to share, would love to know the cost per day comparison between the two lines.

    We just did math and determined that sailing a Viking TA was only going to cost us about $20 more per day than Royal Caribbean so guess who we are booking! LOL


    • Clay – I did the cost comparison before we booked. Updated our spreadsheet of actual costs from our 2015 Princess costs and added the Viking costs. Since airfares, drinks, gratuities, Visas, flights, etc are included and we also have huge OBC, I anticipate an OBC refund when we disembark.

      Basically the per-diem cost was virtually identical. Yes, tons more money upfront, but overall virtually same cost.


  5. A+ review, very informative. Similar to HAL’s R class balcony cabins (only 225 sq feet), but more spacious than those on the newer HAL ships. Thanks for the photos, esp the bathroom. Wow!

    Snow here, may turn to rain. Be happy you are there, not here!


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