Day 10 – January 13th 2020, Sailing South Pacific

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After a brief sojourn ashore yesterday, we are back at sea for another couple of days, before docking in Tahiti tomorrow about 18:00. The winds and seas have really dropped, so now we are enjoying a fairly smooth passage.

Temperature: 27C/81F, although the screens showed mid 30’s (C) mid afternoon

Wind/Weather: Partly cloudy with slight E’ly seas & swell

Sunrise/Sunset:  05:18/18:14

Clox: Back 1/2 hr (Z-10)


We steamed SW’ly courses, since departing Nuku Hiva, at a speed of about 15 kts. Distance steamed since departure is about 280 miles, with about 400 miles remaining to Tahiti pilot station.


Out on deck it was a very pleasant morning, with E’ly seas about 10 kts, with a low swell. Very comfortable passage. Skies were partly cloudy with about 2/8th cloud.


Today’s special dining venues were:

  • Aquavit Terrace (07:00 – 10:00) – Organic Muesli Bar
  • Aquavit Terrace (18:00 – 21:00) – Grilled Fresh Ahi Tuna)

Being a sea day, we reverted to our usual routine, starting the day in the MDR. I had the Muesli, which was excellent, followed by Eggs Benny & Bangers. Great breakfast, but way too much food. Next time, I’ll have fruit with Muesli. Judi tried the waffle, which wasn’t to her taste, so the waiters traded it for her staple – Eggs Benny.

We returned to the MDR for lunch, where I had the Italian meatball slider & chips. Very tasty sandwich. Judi had the cheeseburger, which was huge. If you don’t specify how you want the burger cooked, they default to medium/well, so for no pink it is best to request well done.

At dinner, we shared a table with a couple from Cleveland and Charlie/Cheryl from Florida. We have shared a dinner with Charlie & Cheryl before and regularly see them throughout the ship. Scallops featured heavily tonight, with an appy and surf & turf dish. I had the Filet & Scallop, with a couple of BBQ prawns. The beef was huge, delicious and cooked to perfection. The scallops were seared perfectly on both sides, but not overcooked (rubbery). Judi also enjoy the filet, but without the seafood.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to select the best meal aboard, but this one was definitely a contender.


As usual my day started before 06:00, completing 16 laps of deck 8/9. With sunrise at 05:18, the sun is already well up when I hit the deck about 05:45. By 07:00, it’s getting warm and humid, so working up a sweat just walking.

After breakfast, Judi headed down to her usual spot in the Living Room on Deck 1, while I headed to the Theatre for the 10:00 lecture on World War II and French Polynesia. While the content was excellent, the lecture was very rushed, as he had to curtail it from 45 mins to 30 mins, so they could set up for the sushi demo at 11:00. I remained in the Theatre until trivia at 12:15. We scored a respectable 12/15, but came up short again, with the winners scoring 14.

It was a long, hot & humid day yesterday, so after lunch we chilled, reading our Kindles. With no show in the Theatre this evening, Judi suggest we watch the film on the pool deck, so we needed to be at the MDR at 18:00 for dinner. Therefore, we skipped the Cocktail party for the Ultimate & World Wonders world cruisers.

The film sounded good, but turned out to be a low budget film with a very basic story. Judi & I gave up after an hour, but Charlie & Cheryl, who joined us after dinner, watched it to the end. Next morning when we met them at breakfast, they mentioned the story didn’t change, or reach a conclusion.

As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

2 thoughts on “Day 10 – January 13th 2020, Sailing South Pacific

  1. Clay – Haven’t tried the Sea Bass yet, due to the other options. With 119 nights, I’m sure we will see the same menu again.

    The Halibut was the daily special, so you might have to check which night(s) it will be available. Definitely shouldn’t be missed.


  2. I agree with you about hard to figure out what is the best meal aboard and the evening of scallops is right up there! But if they have roasted Chilean Sea Bass -omg. It was so good!

    At the Chef’s table we LOVE the Lotus Menu. Happy to hear about the halibut in Manfredi’s, will try to bypass the tasty but way too big ribeye for it when we dine there in March.


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