Day 11 – 14th January, Arr Papeete, Tahiti


06 Kayaks on the port bow

Kayaks arriving at harbour entrance at same time as Viking Sun

Today is a mixture of sea day and port day, as we dock in Papeete, at the North end of Tahiti by 18:00. The later arrival guarantees an overnight in port and that no early morning is required to watch the arrival.

Read on to learn about our first sea/port day.

Temperature: 26C/79F although it was about 30C mid afternoon

Wind/Weather: E’ly 10 kts freshening to 25 kts approaching Papeete

Sunrise/Sunset:  05:34/18:38

Clox:  No change (Z-10)


We steamed SW’ly courses bound for Papeete at a speed of about 16.5 kts, to achieve a 16:45 arrival at the pilot boarding station. At Noon, we were 79 miles from Papeete.


At sunrise the winds were light – E’ly about 10 kts, with a low swell. The winds freshened to about 25kt, as we approached Papeete. The skies were partly cloudy, with overcast above the Tahiti mountains.


Today’s specials included:

  • Pool Grill (11:30 – 14:00) – Spaghetti Aglio, olio e pepperoncino

Starting off as a sea day, Judi and I enjoyed breakfast in the MDR, when for the first time this cruise, I tried the porridge. Readers of our previous World Cruise, will know that the porridge temperature was one of my big issues, as it was cold every day. Viking has impressed with everything else – so how was the porridge? The bowl was rather hot, but on trying the porridge, it was barely lukewarm. The Head Waiter was horrified and immediately returned to the galley. He returned later with a bowl at the correct temperature.

For lunch, I tried a couple of the exceptional deli sandwiches at Mamsens, while Judi checked out the World Cafe.

Mamsen's Norwegian Delicacies


Since we were in port, we skipped the MDR. opting for the World Cafe. I enjoyed surf & turf, with prawns, crab legs, smoked salmon and a Strip Loin, cooked to a perfect medium rare. Judi also had a steak, all of which are cooked to order.


My day started up on deck 8/9, where I completed 16 laps, returning to the cabin almost soaked to the skin from the early morning heat. Very little shade on these decks.

After breakfast, we headed to the Living Room, where I worked on photos and the blog, and Judi worked on her journal. At 11:00, I headed to the photographer’s workshop. At Noon, it was time for trivia, scoring a winning 13/15. As a prize, we received a free meal with unlimited beer & wine. Honestly, everyone that turns up for trivia received a $1 coupon, which can be used for Viking branded merchandise in the shops. The winners get “Nothing”. Way better than the increasingly ultra cheap junk Princess gives away.

On completion of lunch we scored a couple of the comfortable loungers at the windows on the pool deck.

Loungers at side of pool

They now face outboard, so this must be a highlight of the cruise – sitting in the shade on an ultra-comfortable lounger, looking out at the ocean, while reading a kindle and sipping a refreshment. Life just doesn’t get any better than this.

As we approached Tahiti, I headed out to Dk 7 fwd of Explorer’s Lounge to watch the arrival.

01 Interesting cloud formations over Tahiti

Approaching Tahiti with the mountains covered in clouds

02 Approaching Papeete port approaches

Starting the turn towards the approach to Papeete Harbour

03 Altered onto final approach with fresh beam wind

Lining up on the leading markers for the narrow entrance

04 Entrance buoy marking channel, stbd of CL

Tug standing by between our track and the reef

07 Entering Papeete harbour

Abeam of the buoys, entering the harbour

08 Berth and marina opening

Starting to alter towards the berths

09 Looking down Papeete Harbour to the dock

Berths and marina open

10 Approaching berths

Approaching the berths

11 Cruise ship berth and marina

South berth and marina

12 Backing into berth at Papeete

We used the left or North berth backing in Stbd side alongside

After dinner at the World Cafe we wandered down to the Theatre for the performance by local entertainers “O Tahiti E”. I will complete a separate post for the show.

As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

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