Day 11 – Alongside Papeete, Tahiti

Oh Tahiti E show 01

One of the highlights of visiting Papeete aboard a cruise ship is the performance by a local dance troupe, performing traditional Polynesian music and dancing. We queued for over 1/2 hr to ensure we scored seats in the Theatre, and the performance by “O Tahiti E” did not disappoint.

Enjoy the photos from the show.

All photos were taken without flash, using high ISO to achieve acceptable depth of field and shutter speed. With ISO speeds of 10,000 and higher, the photos unfortunately have a little noise.

Oh Tahiti E show 27Oh Tahiti E show 26Oh Tahiti E show 24Oh Tahiti E show 22Oh Tahiti E show 21Oh Tahiti E show 17Oh Tahiti E show 16Oh Tahiti E show 15Oh Tahiti E show 14Oh Tahiti E show 12Oh Tahiti E show 11Oh Tahiti E show 10Oh Tahiti E show 9Oh Tahiti E show 7Oh Tahiti E show 6Oh Tahiti E show 5Oh Tahiti E show 3Oh Tahiti E show 1

If you wish to compare them with our previous visit, check out old posts from August 2015.

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