Day 14 – 17th January 2020, At Sea

At today’s Noon announcement, the Captain advised of heavy weather around the Cook Islands and to the South of us. It would not be possible to safely conduct tendering operations in the Cook Islands.

Therefore, tomorrow’s call is cancelled and we are now steaming weather avoidance courses direct to Tonga, where we will dock a day early, giving us an overnight.

By steaming weather avoidance courses, the Captain predicts we will experience about 20 kt winds, but the previous courses would have put us in 45 kt winds and 15-18′ seas. They provided written confirmation in our cabin, with the Captain providing 2 chartlets showing isobars, wind arrows and the 2 course option.

Personally, I never expected to reach the Cook islands, as it is often skipped due to weather. Viking have handled this issue extremely well.

2 thoughts on “Day 14 – 17th January 2020, At Sea

    • This is the fun part of cruising, as I figure you can only guarantee the schedule upon disembarkation. We have completed very few cruises that have not had at least 1 schedule change.


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