4 thoughts on “Day ?? – 20th January 2020, The Day We Missed

  1. I have to agree – the 20 ounce steak was a pretty impressive accomplishment! Andy, I sent an email to the address in the upper left of the opening page of the blog – is that the correct address to get to you and Judi?


  2. Andrew,/Judy. Have just, read your last 3 Blogs.I am amazed at some of the things you get up to. three and a half hours over dinner, and a 20 oz. steak. Cruise ships normally have 2 sittings for dinner it appears you only have one sittings Could this be because of the vast number of restaurants on the ship. Keep enjoying yourselves , I look forward to receive your next Blog. Dad.


    • Hi Dad – Viking has no traditional seating, so the restaurant is open 18:00 to 21:00 for dinner. However, you can request a specific section and whether you want a table for 2 or sharing. We always request a sharing table in the same section, so have the same waiters every evening for dinner.

      Due to only 900 passengers, the ship never has any queues or waits.


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