Day 20 – 24th January 2020, Alongside Suva, Fiji

03 First lines ashore in Suva

Today had a little of everything, being a combination of port day and sea day. We arrived in Suva, shortly before 07:00, departing the ship shortly thereafter and were on the bus before 07:30. After an action packed tour we returned to the ship seconds before the all aboard time, as the ship sailed for New Zealand at 14:00.

Temperature: 28C/84F

Wind/Weather: Light winds in port, partly cloudy

Sunrise/Sunset: 05:47/18:48

Clox: No change (Z+12)


We docked in Suva shortly before 07:00 and departed at 14:00. On clearing the harbour, we set a SxW’ly course for New Zealand at a speed of 16.7 kts.

02 Approaching berth in Suva

Approaching the dock in Suva


Light winds and partly cloudy skies in port. On departure we experienced SE’ly winds from the Port side at about 15 kts.


Today’s special meals:

  • Pool Grill (11:30 to 14:30) – Erika’s Fried Rice Station

After a busy tour in the heat, we wanted a quick and light dinner, so headed to the World Cafe.


01 Old Queen of Nanaimo and QPR

Two Old BC Ferries

Only about 5,000 miles from home and the first thing I spot is two of the old BC Ferries that I have worked aboard – Queen of Nanaimo and Queen of Prince Rupert. At the end of their service life, they were sold to Fiji and are still operating.

With an early ship’s tour report time of 07:15 in the Theatre, we ordered breakfast in the cabin, sitting on the balcony watching the arrival. It really is a pleasant way to start a busy day.

04 Judi on balcony arrival Suva

Judi on balcony watching arrival Suva

On return to the ship, we chatted with our daughter and grandsons. Owen (5) was really chatty, so he is starting to forgive us for leaving. However, Spencer (7 months) initially looked at us strange, but by the end we were getting smiles.

40 Departing Suva

Departing Suva, bound for New Zealand

At 15:00 we headed to Trivia, but today was our worst ever, scoring a measly 6/15. Our excuse is that we were all exhausted from the tours and heat.

Since boarding in L/A, we have been out late every night, so today was an early night, especially since cloxs go forward. After dinner, we retired to the cabin for the evening, reading our Kindles.

As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

2 thoughts on “Day 20 – 24th January 2020, Alongside Suva, Fiji

  1. New reader! I discovered this itinerary on Monday and found your blog today and I’m already to Suva. Question: What are you reading? Something related to your journey or something else? Also, you spend a lot of time documenting food. Is this trip just a lot of waiting for meals to arrive?


    • Hi and welcome to our blog. I researched the cruise extensively for almost 2-years before boarding, so negative on reading books relating to the ports. I created extensive notes on each port and printed them, so we can review quickly prior to any port.

      For reading, we have 700 to 800 novels on our Kindles, which is what I read.

      Documenting the meals is in response to a request from a number of readers. We don’t have to wait for meals to arrive, as they are available 24/7.


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