Day 31 – 4th February 2020, Scenic Cruising

Clearing Doubtful Sound

Bye Bye New Zealand

This brings an end to an exceptional 8 days in New Zealand, one of my favourite countries in the world. After spending 2 months on the NZ Coast, on my first rip to sea, I could easily have moved here, had I not gone to Canada. The climate is great, scenery tremendous and the people are simply magnificent.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, as we continue this great adventure, pounding across the Tasman Sea, bound for Australia.

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Day 30 – 3rd February 2020, Departure Dunedin

Departing Port Chalmers

Lines are cast off and pushing off the dock – our final port in New Zealand

During our arrival this morning we had low overcast, which isn’t conducive to photographing the great arrival/departure through the narrow, navigable channel. Although still not perfect, the weather had improved for departure, so I headed up to Deck 7 to watch and snap a few photos.

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Day 30 – 3rd February 2020, Dunedin

Penguin sanctuary young one in rehab

After a slow steam down the coast from departure Akaroa yesterday, we were docked in Port Chalmers, the port for Dunedin, about 07:00. This is a scenic arrival, as the ship navigates the buoyed channel through the inlet, but on checking outside, I noted it was totally overcast, with very low clouds obscuring the shore. Therefore, no point heading out to watch the arrival.

Today we have a private tour, which starts with a drive through Dunedin, with multiple stops, followed by a drive around the Otago Peninsula viewing various birds, sea lions, penguins and albatross.

The camera shutter got a serious workout today, so my dilemma is how to pick only 30 or 40 photos for the blog out of almost 250. Well, I culled photos down to 66, so enjoy.

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Day 29 – 2nd February 2020, Akaroa

Punting 7 passing under willow tree

Looking forward to berthing with our sister ship Viking Orion, in Lyttelton today, unfortunately a couple of months ago, we received the not so good news that we were going to Akaroa. This is a tender port about 55 miles from Christchurch and has been used extensively by cruise ships since the devastating earthquakes in 2010 and 2011.

Today we did 2 ship’s tours – the included in the morning and Punting on the Avon in the afternoon.

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