Day 30 – 3rd February 2020, Departure Dunedin

Departing Port Chalmers

Lines are cast off and pushing off the dock – our final port in New Zealand

During our arrival this morning we had low overcast, which isn’t conducive to photographing the great arrival/departure through the narrow, navigable channel. Although still not perfect, the weather had improved for departure, so I headed up to Deck 7 to watch and snap a few photos.


With 2 cruise ships docked and a box boat ahead of us, it was a tight departure, with 1 tug standing by between us and the Princess ship.

Bow skimming past the box boat ahead

Sneaking past the box boat, thrusting the bow into the channel

Leaving the Golden Princess in our wake

Leaving Princess rust bucket in our wake

Tight departure but now underway

On course and passing the box boat entering buoyed channel

Approaching the first turn

Approaching the first turn

Mud flats at low tide 2

Mud flats to port, best to avoid them

Gulls in a feeding frenzy

Gulls in a feeding frenzy fwd of the ship

Rounding final turn with harbour exit in sight

Rounding the last turn

Lined up on departure course

Lined up for departing buoyed channel

Nasty mud flats on port side

Port side shoals

Royal Albatross Centre stairs and viewing platform

Royal Albatross Centre walkway and viewing platform on beach side

Royal Albatross Centre with white dots being nests

Last headland with all white specs being nesting Royal Albatross

Clearing the buoyed channel

Safely back at sea, bye bye Port Chalmers/Dunedin


No special meals were provided today, although they did have a Super Bowl Event on the Pool Deck. Probably had some additional offerings at the Pool Grill, but we have no interest in that type of football, so went to the MDR for dinner.

Assigned to table 153, we enjoyed dinner with Elizabeth, a lovely lady from Sydney. Another excellent dinner, but apologies, as I forgot to take the camera, so no photos.


In the Star Theatre this evening was a Viking Concert – An evening of classical music. Not really our preference and having completed a long tour today, we elected an early night.


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