Viking Sun – Deck 9

Viking Sun Bow

I have wandered around the ship snapping a few photos, so starting today, on sea days, when I am caught up with the regular posts, I will present photos of one deck at a time. This is a follow on to my earlier post looking at the cabin.

This morning, I am starting at the upper most deck – Deck # 9, which is known as the Sports Deck. Enjoy.

Located forward of the pool, above the cabins on Deck # 8 and Explorers Lounge, this small deck consists of a walking track, a number of traditional sports events and clusters of seating areas. Thankfully, what you won’t find is the garish additions to the ever increasing size of the various Behemoth of the Seas or Behemoth Princesses, etc. With the exception of clay shooting, the Viking sports are more in line with that available on the old liners – Canberra, Oriana and the Cunarders.


At the aft end of the decks, on both sides are Shuffleboard Courts.

Dk 9 shuffleboard

Port Side Shuffleboard

Taken from the top of the stairs up from Deck 8 looking forward on the Port side. Just past the windbreak is Bocce Ball, which is next.

Sports Dk shuffleboard

Stbd Side Shuffleboard

This is taken between the mini golf and shuffleboard looking aft on the Stbd side, down the ship’s side to Deck # 8.

Dk 9 Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball

Located on the Port side, this is forward of the windbreak, seen on the Port side shuffleboard photo. Every morning, the Deck Attendants set up the pins and balls.

Dk 9 Bocce Ball 2

Bocce Ball Pins & Balls

Dk 9 table tennis

Table Tennis

Also on the Port side, the table is located forward and inboard of the Bocce Ball court. Securely welded to the deck, even in a storm, this table is going nowhere.

Dk 9 mini golf

Mini Golf

Located on the Stbd side, it is a raised and undulating course that is located forward of the Stbd side windbreak.

Sports Dk mini golf from aft

Mini Golf looking forward from the windbreak

Seating Areas

Consistent with all other public areas of these ships, the Sports Deck has clusters of seating available, which are located around the mast-house and up forward.

Sports Dk fwd with port side seating area

Sports Deck Fwd End

The fwd end includes the mandatory magnetic compass, with secluded seating areas on either side.

Dk 9 seating fwd port side

Port side cluster of seats and tables

Dk 9 seating at fwd stbd side

Stbd side cluster of seats and tables

Around the inside of the Sports Deck, adjacent to the mast-house are additional clusters of seats.

Dk 9 seating on inside by masthouse

Masthouse with seating down both sides

Viking Sun Ceremonial Coins by Foremast

Ceremonial Coins and Builders Plaque

Dk 9 seating by masthouse stbd side

Seating on Stbd side, perfect for watching the golf

Dk 9 seating port side

Sports Deck seating

This is the only part of Deck # 9 that is open to passengers, but aft of the pool, the deck continues around the funnel. This is the crew deck.

Viking Funnel

Crew Deck is just below the funnel

Viking Sun Flag State Ensign

Crew deck continues aft to the National Flag

Next up will be Deck # 8, which I hope to publish before leaving Australia.

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