Viking Sun – Deck 8

Viking Funnel

This is the 2nd installment of the Viking Sun ship tour, by individual deck. Deck 8 is a combination of:

  • Lounge – upper level of Explorers’
  • Cabins – 20 cabins (PS1 and DV 1) immediately aft of Explorers
  • Open Decks – easy walking track and lots of seating

Read on to view the deck plan and photos.

Deck 8 plan

Deck 8

I’ll start fwd with Explorers’ Lounge and move aft to the open decks. Since we are requested to walk clockwise around the deck, I’ll start on the Stbd side and move around the decks in that direction.

Explorer’s Lounge

Located fwd, it is a bright and spacious lounge that wraps around the fwd part of this deck. Inside it has 3 distinct areas of seating and lots of books across the rear bulkhead.

Explorers Dk 8 stbd side

Stbd seating area

Although a single large public space, the display cases seen to the right on the above photo create the effect of splitting the room into 3 smaller clusters of seating, giving a little more privacy, or seclusion to each area.

The door just visible to the left leads out to a small deck, which is excellent for star gazing at night and has stairs up to Deck 9.

Explorers Dk 8 midships

Explorers’ Centre Section

Again bounded by display cases on both sides, which helps to split the seating areas into smaller, more private clusters. Note the fwd looking chairs around the front of the lounge, which are an excellent place to sit and watch the ocean.

Explorers Dk 8 Library

Explorers’ Lounge Port Side

Includes a games table, similar to the ones down on Deck 2. Again the rear bulkhead has one of many bookcases on this ship. Borrowing any of the vast supply of books is on the honour system, as unlike Mega ships, we are treated like adults, so no crew members check out the books.

Both sides of the lounge have glass stairs down to the lower level, which has the bar. The crew provide drinks service, up on Deck 8 from the bar below.

Outer Decks

In accordance with the requested standard of walking clockwise around the open decks, I start this photo discovery tour on the stbd side.

12 Dk 8 stbd side

From Dk 9 looking aft down Dk 8 Stbd Side

The Pool Deck roof structure comprises 4 large sections, which can be opened entirely, or any intermediate amount. On nice days at sea, they often open just 1 section,

11 Sun Dk 8 looking down at pool 2

Dk 8 Stbd Side, by Main Pool

One of the rare occasions when the pool deck was fully opened.

10 Sun Dk 8 looking down at pool

Main Pool covers fully open, looking fwd

09 Dk 8 and 9 walking track

Dk 8 Stbd looking fwd from about the funnel

On the Stbd side, the covered area fwd of the windbreak, but aft of the pool area is the covered pollution lounge, which is the ONLY location on the ship where smokers can pollute the atmosphere.

Either side of the funnel has 2 separate groups of loungers. More photos on port side.

08 Dk 8 seating stbd aft

Stbd Aft cluster of seats

One of many clusters of seating throughout this ship, which are present on both outer decks and inside the ship. This really helps with the speciousness and lack of crowding aboard this ship compared to Mega ships.

07 Dk 8 seating port aft

Port Aft cluster of seats

When we have following winds on a nice sea day, this is the perfect place to sit and chill, enjoying the fresh sea breezes.

06 Dk 8 seating aft enf of funnel area port side

Funnel Zone – aft group of loungers on port side of the funnel

05 Dk 8 seating at fwd end of funnel port side

Funnel Zone – fwd group of loungers

04 Dk 8 seating port side by funnel 2

Funnel Zone – port side looking aft

03 Dk 8 fwd wind break with plants

Wind break between Funnel Zone and Main Pool Zone

The minimal artificial greenery just add the little touches that make Viking stand out from the rest.

02 Dk 8 seating port side by funnel

Cluster of seating port side fwd of the wind break

01 Dk 8 port side

Dk 9 looking aft down the port side

I hope you enjoyed this photo tour of Deck 8. Next up will be Deck 7, which will be crafted once I get caught up with the Sydney posts. We dock in Sydney in about 4 hours, for 3 full days.

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