Day 37 – 10th February, Arrival Sydney

26 Sydney Harbour Bridge 6 - Copy

Approaching the Iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge

Wow!! the general consensus around the ship is we experienced a rough night last night, as many hardly got any sleep. Not me, turned the light out and was asleep in seconds, waking up about 05:00. The gentle rolling and shuddering just enhanced the sleep.

Having missed Melbourne, today we arrived in Sydney, a day early, to enjoy 3 days in this amazing city. Read on to enjoy the photos on entering one of my favourite ports world wide.

A couple of hours behind the Captain’s original schedule, we slowed down to pick up the pilot about 10:00, about 3 – 5 miles from Sydney Heads.

01 Pilot aboard and approaching Sydney Heads

Pilot aboard and heading for Sydney Heads

When the pilot boat arrived, the Captain altered course to provide a lee for the small boat, but with a good swell still running, it was a challenging boarding for the pilot.

03 App Sydney North Heads 3

North Head to Stbd as we approach Sydney Harbour

04 App South Heads with CBD opening

South Heads while approaching Sydney Harbour

Note the surf and spray from the E’ly swells pounding ashore on the Heads. As we noted later, Manly Beach was closed and the upper reaches of the river were flooded from the storm.

05 App Sydney South Heads and CBD 2

South Heads and CBD

First glimpses of the Central Business District (CBD) in behind the South Heads.

06 App Sydney South Heads and CBD 3

South Heads and CBD

06A Sydney North Heads - Copy

Spray and surf on North Heads

Shortly before entering the Sydney Heads, the Captain made a P/A announcement advising of the potential for rolling once inside the Heads and altered to Port. This places the swell on the beam, which can cause rolling. Fortunately it was smooth sailing.

07 South Head looking down inlet

Approaching South Heads

08 Steering down harbour towards Darling Point 2

Inside Sydney Heads

Inside the Heads, altered to Port, following the buoyed channel towards Sydney.

08A Siouth Head mega homes

Expensive mega homes just inside South Head

09 Entered Sydney Heads

Navigating buoyed channel towards Sydney

Staying mid-channel steaming towards Bradley\s Head to Stbd, which is the next alteration.

10 Steering on Bradley's Head

Pilot Boat leading us into the Harbour

11 App Bradley's Point

Approaching Bradley Head

At the point ahead to Stbd, we alter course to Stbd, then will have great views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

12 Rose Bay

Rose Harbour and Marina

13 Approaching CBD

Rounding Bradley Head

Bow is passing the CBD, as we round Bradley Head, steering towards the north end of the bridge.

14 Elizabeth Bay and CBD

Elizabeth Bay and CBD

Just past Darling Point, Elizabeth Bay is just before the Navy Base at Woolloomooloo, which is home to Sydney’s famous street vendor – Harry’s Cafe de Wheels.

15 Manly Ferry crossing ahead

Manly Ferry crossing ahead

15A Sydney CBD and Opera House

Approaching CBD and Opera House

15A Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House 2 - Copy

Steering on North end of Bridge

On rounding Bradley Head we steered on the North end of the Bridge to pass Fort Denison on the Port side.

15B Sydney CBD with Opera House and Fort Denison

Fort Denison, CBD and Opera House

Fort Denison is located on a small island just North of the CBD and is part of the protected Sydney Harbour National Park. It is a former penal colony and defensive facility.

16 App Opera House

Manly Ferry routing inside Fort Denison

17 Opera House and Fort Denison

Fort Denison and Opera House

Opera House

Enjoy a few photos of one of Sydney’s best known landmarks.

19 Sydney CBD and Opera House 4

Opera House with Carnival Mega Ship at OPT

20 Sydney Opera House - Copy

Opera House close-up

21 Sydney Opera House 4 - Copy

22 Sydney Opera House 3 - Copy

Opera House

23 Sydney Circular Quay

Circular Quay – Ferry Terminal

Public transportation in Sydney is amazing, with ferries, trains and buses.

24 Sydney CBD and Opera House 5

Opera House, Circular Quay and OPT

18 North Sydney

North Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Nicknamed the “Coathangar”, it was opened in 1932 and is similar to the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle, which was build by the same company. It carries vehicles, pedestrians, bikes and rail between the CBD and North Shore. It is a listed heritage structure.

25 Sydney Harbour Bridge 2 - Copy

Passing Fort Denison and altering to Port for the Bridge

26 Sydney Harbour Bridge 6 - Copy27 Sydney Harbour Bridge 8 - Copy

28 Sydney Harbour Bridge 9 - Copy

Approaching Harbour Bridge

29 Sydney passing under bridge - Copy

Passing under the Harbour Bridge

29A Sydney Harbour west of bridge - Copy

Passing under the Harbour Bridge 2

Looking West up the Parramatta River with Walsh Bay to Port and Goat Island ahead. We planned a trip up river on the local ferries, but due to the storm, they received very heavy rain, which caused flooding of the ferry docks.

31 Sydney Walsh Bay old docks 2 - Copy

Walsh Bay

This used to be old cargo ship docks, which have been converted to multi-million dollar condos. Don’t believe the new neighbours would welcome back ships of any type to these docks.

30 Sydney Goat Island

Goat Island, lies in the middle of the river

32 Sydney entering app to Darling Harbour

Altering to enter Darling Harbour

30A Sydney Millers Point - Copy

Miller’s Point at Entrance to Darling Harbour


This area has also been rebuilt from my first trips to Sydney. It is all condos, cafes, pubs, restaurants, etc all of which replaced the original docks and industrial areas.

34 Sydney Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour close-up

35 Sydney old Pyrmont Docks 2 - Copy


Back in the 1970’s this was dockland and it was a rather tough area. Not the sort of place where you felt safe walking in the evening. Docks are all gone, having been converted to condos.

36 Sydney Anzac Bridge

ANZAC Bridge

Opened in 1995 as the Glebe Island Bridge, it was renamed on Remembrance Day 1998, commemorating the Australian and New Zealand citizens that served in WW I. The bridge has an Australian Flag on 1 tower and the New Zealand flag on the other.

33 Sydney entering White Bay 2

Entering White Bay

47 Sydney app White Bay Cruise Terminal

Approach berth in White Bay

48 Sydney berthing at White Bay

Docking in Sydney with Sternlines landed ashore

49 Sydney looking at Bridge from White Bay - Copy

Sydney Harbour Bridge from White Bay

We docked safely about Noon, so it was off for a quick lunch, then ashore on the water taxi.



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