Day 41 – 14th February 2020, Arr Brisbane

Aboriginal Show Didgeridoo player

We were scheduled to dock in Brisbane at 08:00, departing at 17:00, but last evening we received another “Bing Bong” on the P/A system, throughout the ship. Due to the inclement weather, Brisbane Pilots would not board during the hours of darkness, so not boarding about 05:30 put us alongside at 11:00. To facilitate the tours and crew and pax to enjoy the port, the Captain delayed departure until 21:00.

This post will cover our time ashore and the evening aboard ship. I will do a separate post for the arrival photos.

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Day 37 – 10th February, Farewell Performance

Farewell Ship's crew on stage saying goodbye in Sydney

The Farewell Performance is normally scheduled for the last sea day before a TAR port, but with the little storm causing extensive movement up fwd, especially in the Theatre, the show was postponed until after arrival Sydney.

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Viking Sun World Cruise – Itinerary Change # 2

Itinerary Map

The Original Itinerary

Last night we heard the dreaded”Bing Bong” through the cabins/lounges, shortly after the all aboard time in Brisbane. Expecting the usual pre-departure announcement from Hotel Services for missing pax, of will Mr/Mrs ………… please contact Guest Services immediately to confirm you are aboard,

But no, this was Bevan the Cruise Director, with an important message from the Captain, These are generally rarely good news, so read on to learn our new itinerary.

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