Day 37 – 10th February, Farewell Performance

Farewell Ship's crew on stage saying goodbye in Sydney

The Farewell Performance is normally scheduled for the last sea day before a TAR port, but with the little storm causing extensive movement up fwd, especially in the Theatre, the show was postponed until after arrival Sydney.

Read on to view a few photos from the Segment #1 Farewell Show.

Doors opened at 20:45, with the Viking Band and singers performing on stage, until the Farewell Show at 21:15.

Farewell ships band and singers

Viking Band & Singers

Farewell Elmer signing in Sydney

Elmer’s Farewell Performance as he disembarks tomorrow

Great music and singing, as usual, from the Viking Band who continued until Elmer and then Bevan took to the Stage.

Farewell Captain's farewell speech in Sydney 2

Captain’s Farewell Speech

Bevan introduced our Captain, who with a great sense of humour, made an excellent farewell speech.

Farewell Ship's crew on stage saying goodbye in Sydney

Large number of crew on stage waving goodbye

Once the crew departed, they set up the stage for the singers performance of “Decades” a musical tribute to the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s.

Decades Ship's Band on stage

Decades Show

Decades singers on stage

Viking Singers during Decades Show



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