Day 41 – 14th February 2020, Arr Brisbane

Aboriginal Show Didgeridoo player

We were scheduled to dock in Brisbane at 08:00, departing at 17:00, but last evening we received another “Bing Bong” on the P/A system, throughout the ship. Due to the inclement weather, Brisbane Pilots would not board during the hours of darkness, so not boarding about 05:30 put us alongside at 11:00. To facilitate the tours and crew and pax to enjoy the port, the Captain delayed departure until 21:00.

This post will cover our time ashore and the evening aboard ship. I will do a separate post for the arrival photos.

Temperature: 28C/84F

Wind/Weather: Clear skies, with E’ly winds and swells.

Sunrise/Sunset: 05:30/18:36

Clox: Back 1 hr (Z+10)


Throughout the night we slow steamed to the Brisbane Pilot Station, which is located well north of the harbour. With the pilot aboard about 05:30, we navigated the buoyed channel through Moreton Bay, entering the river about 09:00. We docked at Brisbane Cruise Terminal shortly before 11:00.


Clear skies, with E’ly winds about 15 kts. Temperatures increased throughout the day to mid 80’s.


Today’s special meals:

  • Aquavit Terrace (18:00 to 21:00) – Grilled fresh Australian Blue-eyed Cod

I was out watching the arrival, so had a quick breakfast in the World Cafe, while Judi had a waffle at Mamsen’s. With 2 shows this evening we returned to the World Cafe for dinner, where it was surf & turf night.

Ultimate surf and turf

Ultimate Surf & Turf

Tonight’s dinner was a protein lovers delight – Strip Loin Steak, with 3 prawns, Bearnaise Sauce, small lobster tail and a couple of king crab legs. No room for veggies or rabbit food. Delicious!!!!!


My day started at the usual time, before 06:00, completing a few laps of Deck 8. The knee is still in rehab, so no stairs. As we approached the buoyed channel I retrieved the camera from the cabin and headed to Explorer’s Lounge. After getting a couple of photos, I headed aft to the World Cafe. Wasn’t open yet, so I made a pot of tea and sat enjoying the scenery.

After a quick breakfast I headed back to Explorers’ Lounge standing out on the fwd deck until we approached the dock and I headed to Trivia at 10:00. Our new team scored a respectable 10/15, but were 2 short of making the tie-breaker.

At 11:30, we headed ashore to meet our old neighbours Andy, Giana and their 2 daughters, who returned to Australia, after 10 years in Canada last year.

Andy Giana and kids

Giana suggested meeting for lunch at Cruisers Alfresco in Portside, which was right outside where we exit the cruise terminal. Great little cafe, with outdoor seating. Enjoyed a good chicken & avocado sandwich, but the beer selection was poor. No real beers, only lagers, so I enjoyed a couple of Bloody Marys to quench the thirst.

Aboriginal Show Sign

Aboriginal Performance

We got back aboard in time to get a couple of seats in the Theatre, for the “Destination Performance” at 18:30. This comprised a traditional welcome to the country by a local Aboriginal cast.

Aboriginal Show Didgeridoo player

Didgeridoo player

Was surprised that the entire show only comprised 4 males – 1 playing the didgeridoo, 1 with sticks and 2 dancers. No ladies were included in the cast. While we enjoyed the show, the Maori and Polynesian Destination shows were vastly superior.

At the end of the show, they provided a demonstration of the traditional way of starting dry grass on fire. They introduced the tools, at which point I looked around the Theatre looking for a fire team standing by with at least an extinguisher. No extinguisher at the ready, so surely they will provide a quick demo, without actually starting an actual fire.

But NO, they did start it smouldering, then he blew into the clump of grass, briefly getting open flames, which he immediately extinguished with his hands.

Aboriginal Show making fire the old wayAboriginal Show smoke from dry grass fireAboriginal Show smoke from dry grass fire 3

Aboriginal Show smoke from dry grass fire 2

Fire starting

After a quick dinner, we returned to the Star Theatre for the evening performance, featuring violin virtuoso Patrick Roberts and his show, “Prince of the Violin”.

Patrick Roberts 5

Patrick Roberts

While not our favourite violin music, the show was enjoyable.

As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

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