Day 47 – 20th February 2020, At Sea

Smooth Seas from balcony

Wow!!, what a day aboard the magnificent Viking Sun. As seen above, we finally achieved smooth sailing, with virtually no wind and swell. The Noon announcement from the Captain and Bevan certainly caused a stir aboard, with many scurrying back to their cabin to check out the notice, being sent to the cabins confirming and expanding on the changes provided in the announcement.

We also had another first today, trying out the Infinity Pool.

Temperature: 29C/84F

Wind/Weather: Partly cloudy and calm seas

Sunrise/Sunset: 05:42/18:21

Clox: Back 1 hr (Z+10)


Since clearing Noumea we have maintained WNW’ly courses at various speeds. Since departure, we have steamed 970 mls at an average speed of 19 kts. At Noon we have 328 miles to Cairns pilot station, where arrival has moved ahead to 08:00.


We have enjoyed a significant improvement with partly cloudy skies and very light E’ly winds of < 5 kts, and for a couple of hours in the afternoon, calm winds.

Smooth Seas from balcony

Calm seas from the balcony about 14:00

With virtually no swell, we are experiencing fairly smooth sailing for about the first time since departure L/A.


Today’s special meals:

  • Aquavit Terrace (12:00 to 14:00) – Fajita Station

Being a sea day after a port, Judi had her usual sleep in, so I ran up to World Cafe for a quick breakfast. For dinner we joined a group in Manfredi’s small room for games night, I enjoyed the daily fish special, which was Dover Sole, while Judi had a pasta.


As usual my day started with a little stroll around Deck 8, completing 1hr 30 mins, followed by some stretching. After the cooler temps of Hobart, etc, we are now back in the tropics. Very pleasant before sunrise, but it heats up quickly.

Geoff Gray presentation

The morning lectures started 1/2 hr early, to facilitate Robin’s dolphin film, so I was in the Theatre by 09:30 for Geoffrey Gray’s presentation – “Australians Who Are They.”

Geoff Grey with Aussie shirt

Geoffrey Gray with his Aussie Shirt

This was another great lecture where he injected a fair bit of humour into his presentation, discussing the origins of Australia and the citizens. Started from the arrival of the Aborigines to projections for population growth in the next 50 years.

Geoff Grey Aussie distances

Putting the size of Australia into perspective

Discussing the size of Australia, he showed the above slide with driving distances and another with it superimposed on North America.

Geoff Grey Australia issues

Some potential reasons not to visit Australia

The above slide was my favourite, which I captured just as it was sliding off the screen. In addition to the ones above, he also showed a slide where he listed the cities of the world that have a higher population than all of Australia. From memory, I believe it was 6 or 7 cities.

Robin Prtch introduces dolphin film

Robin Petch – the ship’s resident wildlife expert

I remained in the Theatre for Robin’s presentation – “A Closer Encounter (When 2 minds meet.” This was a 1980’s film made by his mentor, who is considered one of the world’s foremost dolphin experts. They found a sole dolphin residing in a small cove off the SW Coast of England. The film showed his mentor swimming with and developing a relationship with the dolphin. A most enjoyable film.

The Captain’s Noon announcement advised that the itinerary for segment # 3 is complete and a notice is being sent to each cabin showing the original and revised schedules. Bevan then expanded the Captain’s message, with the fact the notice also included details of Viking’s compensation package. Well this sure got the ship a chattering. See the previous post for the updated itinerary.

Our Trivia Team fought back, scoring a respectable 11/15, but the “Boys” won it again, scoring 13/15.

After an enjoyable lunch, chatting with the couple at the next table, we headed back to the cabin to check out the revised itinerary. Yes, we missed a few ports, which is disappointing, especially since I spent over a year researching the ports. However, time marches on and the revisions are the result of factors outside of Viking’s scope of control. Therefore, we move on, enjoying every day aboard this magnificent ship.

Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

In the afternoon, with a sunny and calm day, we headed down to the infinity pool for the first time. The water was perfect temperature, so soak for a few hours, while enjoying a Pina Colada.

Sounds of 60's Bevan introducing

Bevan introducing Sounds of the 60’s

After dinner we headed to the show – Sounds of the 60’s with the Viking Singers – Tobias, Bethan, Josh and Rosanna. Yet again, another exceptional performance from these 4 excellent singers.

Sounds of 60's beach boysSounds of 60's

After the show, we met Dave and Linda, heading to Torshavn for a nightcap. We met Ron and Alison, so grabbed a table to sit and chat, at least until the band started, when the volume precludes conversation.

Viking band in Torshavn

Viking Band in Torshavn

As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

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  1. Andrew, Had a problem with the laptop, seem to have missed your blog of the amended details of cruising can you send a copy. Have had all the laptop problems sorted, got Colin Paterson, an accredited Micro Soft engineer to fix them, so hope to have no more problems. Dad


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