Day 49 – 22nd February 2020, Cairns

Overcast view from our balcony

Well, Cairns is certainly living up to its reputation of being a tropical rain forest during wet season. Above is the view from our balcony this morning, and this is the clear side of the ship. When we went for breakfast, it was raining so hard, we could barely see the first buildings.

We had a tour booked up the mountain, further into the rain forest and after yesterday’s tour, Judi was hurting, so after breakfast we decided to skip the tour and spend a quiet day aboard the ship. However, I did go for a stroll around the Esplanade and picked up some postcards and t-shirts for the grandsons.

About 11:00, the rain eased considerably, being little more than a drizzle, so I decided that I had sufficient pots of tea and it was time to venture ashore. Headed up to the cabin and traded the laptop for the brolly, which would be essential equipment today. For those new to Viking, each cabin is supplied with an umbrella and additional ones are available at the gangway.

Wharf turtle sculpture

Turtles artwork on the wharf close to the brewery

Clearing the cargo shed, I doubled back towards the brewery and continued along the path/boardwalk, which leads to the Esplanade.

Viking Sun from boardwalk

Viking Sun from the path/boardwalk to the Esplanade

Boardwalk aft of ship river front condos

River front condos with nice patio overlooking the marina

Boardwalk aft of shp along the marina

The Pier, Cairns rear overlooking the marina

Esplanade The Pier Cairns

The Pier, Cairns front

This is a huge complex with a selection of bars, cafes and restaurants on the ground floor, on both sides. Also has great views from the condos above. At the end of The Pier, I came across to the Esplanade boardwalk, which goes around the waterfront for a couple of miles.

Esplanade beach promenade

Cairns Esplanade and Bay wide angle

Esplanade ocean view condos

Promenade curving around the bay with ocean view condos

Esplanade tree palm tree lines promenade

Tree lined promenade

This is an amazing area that I suspect has something for everyone. It has many acres of green space, walking paths, huge lagoon pool, exercise equipment, kids playground, etc.

Above photo is the start of the promenade, close to the marina. The grassy area to the left is lined by trees both sides and is a clear lawn suitable for playing sports, picnicking, etc.

Esplanade Pool panorama

Huge Lagoon Pool

This is a huge (48,000 sq feet) salt water pool, which is suitable for all ages. It comes with toilets and showers, and lifeguards are on duty. Cost – absolutely free.

Esplanade pool

Lagoon Pool

I can only wish our home town would discover the free pool concept. Not only do they provide a free pool, they also provide exercise equipment.

Esplanade exercise equipment

Esplanade exercise equipment 2

Free exercise equipment in 2 separate locations

Esplanade bird

Common or Indian Myna bird

Just walking along and the above bird flew down, landing on the railing to the right. Stopped dead in my tracks and slowly got the camera ready. If you know the type of bird, please leave a comment and I will update this post.

Esplanade GBR Sculpture

Citizen’s Gateway to the Great barrier Reef

Just after the pool is the artwork titled, “Citizens Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.” This was designed by an Aboriginal artist, to symbolise the diversity, resilience and circular continuum of life on the Great Barrier Reef. The mirror finish allows people to recognise their symbolic reflection and reinforces the ethos of removing only memories from this World Heritage destination.

Esplanade GBR Sculpture 2

Manta Ray at rear of GBR artwork

Past the GBR artwork, the path becomes a boardwalk.

Esplanade beach front boardwalk

Start of the boardwalk

Espalade cenetaph

Cenotaph, which is part of a larger memorial

Espalade cenetaph conflict and services memorial

Shady area commemorating wars and each arm of armed forces and emergency responders

The shady path above has numerous alcoves, with each one commemorating each of the conflicts where Australian troops have fought and each of the first responders.

Esplanade starting point for 1956 Olympic torch

Commemorates start of Olympic Torch Run

The above commemorates where the torch for the 1956 Olympics, started the run down the East Coast to Melbourne.

Esplanade kids playground

Kid’s playground entrance

This playground was huge, probably about a couple hundred yards long, with various sections. Our grandson would have a ball playing here.

Esplanade kids playground spraypark

Spray park

I walked to the end of the kid’s playground, then turned around to return to the ship.

Esplanade walk past the playground

Continuation of the path after kid’s playground

Esplanade ocean front condos

Esplanade ocean front condos 2

A couple of the many ocean view condos

After a good walk back to the ship, during which I stopped to purchase postcards and t-shirts for our grandsons, this was a welcome sight.

Hemingway's Brewery at bottom of gangwayHemingway's Brewery pint of Scotch Ale

A welcome refreshment prior to returning to the ship.

In the evening, we had agreed to meet Ron & Alison and another couple in the Living Room for pre-dinner drinks. We then headed up to the MDR, where we enjoyed one of the best dinners so far. Apologies, didn’t have the camera with me.

  • Appy – Macademia encrusted spicy prawns, which were huge
  • Starter – Crab salad served on 1/2 a ripe avocado
  • Main – Lamb pot pie, an amazing lamb stew with lots of tasty & tender lamb and diced root veggies. It was topped with a piece of pastry. Delicious
  • Dessert – glass of Graham’s 6-grape Port

Unfortunately, we lost all track of time until and it was well after 21:30, so we missed the evening show, yet again.

3 thoughts on “Day 49 – 22nd February 2020, Cairns

  1. Loving the cruise blog Andy and Judy. Sorry to disagree with the lady above but the bird is definitely not a yellow tailed cockatoo, it is a Common or Indian Myna bird. They are not a native bird and are a big pest problem here in Australia.


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