Day 54 – 27th February 2020, At Sea


Another scorching hot and humid sea day, where the aircon in some spots throughout the ship is struggling to keep the ship cool. As soon as an external door is opened, on walking outside it resembles walking into a brick wall, then the immediate area inside the ship get assaulted with hot and humid air.

Viking have provided us with an extremely generous compensation package for missing a few ports, so this morning we met with the cruise consultant to review options. Read on to determine is we booked another cruise.

Temperature: 29C/84F

Wind/Weather: Partly Cloudy, occasional showers and freshening winds

Sunrise/Sunset: 06:53/19:26

Clox: No change (Z+10)


We maintained generally Westerly courses, bound for Darwin. Since departure Thursday Island, we have steamed 366 miles, at an average speed of 16.6 kts. We still have 371 miles to the Darwin Pilot Station, requiring 15.2 kts for a 12:00 ETA.


At sunrise, we had partly cloudy skies, with lower cumulus clouds around the horizon and band of high cirrus up above. This provided a great sunrise, with orange and pink colours, above the low clouds reflecting from the bands of higher clouds. By Noon, the winds had freshened to W’ly 20 kts, but was closer to 30 kts by the end of the day.


Today’s special meals:

  • MDR – Curry Night, this is a private group organised by Full-Timers David & Roger

At 18:00, I headed to Torshavn to join the curry aficionados, while Judi went to the MDR, as she doesn’t like curry. The curry group has expanded to over 90, which is fully 10% of the passengers. We enjoyed a couple of libations, before heading down to the MDR, where the stb’d aft section was prepared for our group. The tables were set up in groups of 6 or 8, so the curries were served family style, with 2 or 3 dishes of each curry delivered to each table. We enjoyed lamb, beef, chicken, prawn and fish curries, with 3 different types of rice. It was amazing, the galley and restaurant staff really excelled.


I started in the sauna (aka Deck 8) for my morning walk, OMG it was incredibly hot and humid, even before sunrise. Before sunrise, it was already 28C and about 100% humidity. After walking 90 mins, I was both exhausted and soaked to the skin.

No early breakfast this morning, as we had an 08:30 appointment with the cruise consultant to review options for another cruise next year. Did we book another cruise????? Well, if you have read our blog for a few years, you’ll know we thoroughly enjoy this lifestyle, especially on our new favourite cruise line – Viking. We left at 09:00, with the confirmation for these 2 cruises – 1 river + 1 ocean.

Our Next Cruise


Viking River – Grand European Cruise, Budapest to Amsterdam


Viking Ocean – Into the Midnight Sun, Bergen to London

The future cruise vouchers must be used on a single or B2B cruise and are accepted on both Ocean and River ships. So, we have booked a river cruise followed by 9 days in Scotland, then a cruise up Norway to the Arctic Circle, which ends in London.

River Cruise                                                                    Ocean Cruise

  • Budapest, Hungary                                                Bergen, Norway
  • Vienna, Austria                                                       Geiranger, Norway
  • Vienna, Austria                                                       At Sea
  • At sea Wachau Valley                                            Lofoten. Norway
  • Melk, Austria                                                           Tromso, Norway
  • Passau, Germany                                                    Honningsavaag, Norway
  • Regensburg, Germany                                           At Sea
  • Main-Danube canal transit                                  At Sea
  • Nuremberg, Germany                                           Lerwick, Shetland Isles, UK
  • Bamberg, Germany                                                Kirkwall, Orkney Island, UK
  • Wurzberg, Germany                                              Edinburgh, UK
  • Wartham, Germany                                               At Sea
  • Koblenz, Germany                                                 Greenwich, London, UK
  • Cologne, Germany                                                 Greenwich, London, UK
  • Kinderdijk, Holland
  • Amsterdam, Holland

Total cruise nights – 28

Very satisfied with our choice and the speed at which it was completed, we still had time to visit the MDR for breakfast. After breakfast we spent the entire morning in the Living Room, me catching up with Townsville photos and getting that post written. The 10:00 lecture was Nautical Sayings & Superstitions, which was a repeat and the 11:00 lecture was the fashion lady, so skipped both of them.

We never miss trivia, meeting our team in the Theatre at 12:00. Yet again another average day, scoring 11/15, but the team next to us has been coming on strong these past few days, scored a winning 13/15.

After lunch we had a quiet afternoon in the cabin, with me still catching up with Thursday Is photos.

After dinner, we headed to the evening show, which was a repeat performance of the Viking Sun produced, “Variety Performance” featuring almost the entire entertainment staff. Yet again, another excellent show.

As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

10 thoughts on “Day 54 – 27th February 2020, At Sea

  1. I remember last year going out on my balcony to take a photo and my camera lens immediately fogged up from the humidity as did the mirror in the cabin immediately upon the door being opened! Your future cruises look great.


    • Thanks, we have been considering a river cruise now for a couple of years, so the timing was perfect. I also have never cruised Norway, so this is a first. Another bonus is that we reach the Arctic Circle about the same time as summer solstice.


  2. Viking certainly have a robust and accommodating policy with respect to compensation when their service to you doesn’t match up to what was expected. Even in the midst of events that were completely beyond their control. One is left wondering what sort of package passengers from the Diamond Princess were offered by Princess, if any. I am sure they may be much more inclined to play the force majeure card. Kudos to Viking for stepping up to the plate!


    • Hi Richard – So true, as based on the contract we agreed, upon paying the deposit, we are entitled to zero compensation. Viking customer service is way beyond what Princess offer. Thankfully Princess is poor, as if they had resolved our issues after our previous world cruise, we would never have found Viking.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your future cruises look wonderful! We did the river cruise a few years ago and enjoyed it very much. With only 190 people, you really get to know each other.
    Thanks for the blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Please say hello to David and Roger for us , both where on the 1st Viking WC with us and they where always Great Cruise companions . We have been following your cruise with Great interest . We have signed up for Viking’s Explorer voyage to Antartica and South America.
    Keep up the Great Reporting and maybe we’ll see you on another adventure!


      • Thanks – are you stopping in India. I think you where originally going to stop but now in question ?
        Talk About Hot 🥵 and also Egypt. Most interesting two places we visited . Both places we signed up for the extended tours ashore and loved them !


      • For now we are still stopping in India, however we are still a month away so who knows what will happen. We just take it 1 day at a time.

        We are also doing the 4-day overland in Egypt, and yes it will be hot. Still remember our day in Petra during our previous WC


  5. I really enjoy your posts. While we have gone on several Viking cruises, we will never cruise as extensively as you. So we enjoy traveling with you vicariously.

    Liked by 1 person

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