Day 59 – 3rd March 2020, At Sea


Pina ColadaWow, after yesterday’s rather strenuous day in the heat and humidity of Komodo Island, another quiet and relaxing sea day, is just what the doctor ordered. Judi slept in to late morning, but I had a busy day with lectures and other activities.

Today is the mid-point, as tomorrow we are past the half way point and are closer to London than our departure port of L/A.

Temperature: 28C/82F

Wind/Weather: Partly cloudy with freshening winds throughout the day

Sunrise/Sunset: 06:13/18:35

Clox: No change (Z+8)


Since departure and clearing Bali, we have steamed WNW’ly courses through the Bali Sea towards our next destination on the island of Java. Since departure we steamed 202 miles, at an average speed of 11.2 kts. We have another 422 miles to reach Semarang pilot station. For an 06:00 arrival, we require an average speed of 10 kts.


Prior to sunrise it was completely overcast, as no stars were visible, but it was thankfully dry all morning. As the sun rose, some clouds burned off giving partly cloudy skies. Wind was NW’ly at about 3 to 5 kts, with a low 1 ft swell. Therefore, it was a rare very smooth sailing. Winds freshened slightly throughout the day, reaching 7 to 10 kts by Noon and 12 to 15 kts by evening.


No special meals today.

For lunch, we arrived at the MDR at the same time as David & Roger, so joined them for lunch at a 4-top. Great lunch and conversation.

Judi Andy Linda and Dave

Judi Andy Linda and David (NY Nick)

Dinner tonight was at our usual table with Dave & Linda. This was probably one of the best meals so far on board this ship. When Erald came to take my order, he mentioned I was having Curry. OMG, we have been on too long already, when the waiter knows what we are having for dinner, before we have even seen the menu.

Scallop salad appy

Scallop salad

The scallops were cooked to perfection, with a perfect sear on both sides. It was served with salad, lightly fried onions, nuts, super ripe mango and a light dressing. Delicious.

Lamb Curry

Lamb Curry

This was the best curry aboard the ship so far. Lots of super tender chunks of lamb in an exceptional curry sauce, which had a perfect medium level of spice.


As usual, my day started at 05:30, walking Dk 8 well before sunrise. Must be getting used to the heat, as it didn’t feel quite so hot. With almost flat calm seas and the ship only making 10 kts, it provided a gentle breeze over the decks. No rain this morning, so completed my full 90 mins, before stretching.

President Roosevelt lecture

This was a busy morning, with 2 lectures, followed by trivia. The 10:00 lecture was presented by Bill Simpson and was titled – President Theodore Roosevelt – Pragmatist, Visionary, Opportunist? It was rather interesting following from childhood, through a variety of careers to finally arriving in the White House.

The 11:00 lecture was presented by Colonel Coutts-Britton and was effectively a follow up, to yesterday’s lecture on the Dickin Medal. The lecture was titled, “They also served”.

They also served last slide

Final Slide from They Also Served

This was almost 2 lectures combined into one, as it discussed the role of ladies during the war years and then animals. The first half discussed the role ladies played in helping the war effort, including factory workers and the individual services staffed entirely by women. After thoroughly discussing the ladies, he moved on to discussing the roles played by animals, specifically horses, pigeons and dogs.

Trivia was again a disaster for us, scoring a measly 5/15, but the winners only had 8, so not too bad.

Atrium Melodies Girls signing with Bevan

Atrium concert series # 3

After lunch, I worked on Komodo photos until 15:30, when we headed down to the Atrium for the Atrium concert series with Beven, Manny and the Viking Vocalists.

Atrium melodies Bethan & Bevan

Bethan singing

Atrium Melodies A_Cruise Director

Manny singing

Beven mentioned they are currently planning at least 2 more Atrium concerts – a tribute to Elton John and then Elvis.

After the concert, I headed straight to the Theatre for the 17:15 lecture, presented by Geoff Peters, titled “Dutch East India Company”. A most interesting lecture outlining the origins of this huge and highly profitable company.

Dancing under the stars

On completion of dinner, the 4 of us headed up to the pool deck for this evening’s dancing under the stars. We found a couple of couches fwd of the pool, which provided a view of the entertainment, but was far enough from the speakers that we could still talk.

Pina Colada

Pina Colada

With an open deck and warm air, a couple of Pina Colada’s fit the bill during the excellent music.

4 thoughts on “Day 59 – 3rd March 2020, At Sea

  1. Keep up the great work Andy we are totally enjoying your adventure with you guys. Some day might get my land lubber ass out farther than fishing trips


    • Thanks Shane – just booked the Rally and am currently making our reservations across country. Arriving Shipshewana July 10th or 11th, hoping to see you and Diana, so we can catch up.


  2. Andrew, Your mention of Wing Commander Bill Simpson. and his lectures. I don’t know his age group but was he serving during the Korean War period, if so, does he recall the No. 1 Ferry Unit stationed in RAF Abingdon who flew Metior Mark 2 and Vampire Mark 9 to Pusan , South East corner in Korea via Istres France, Castle Benito Tunisia, Fayid Canal Zone Egypt, Habbbanyah Irack, Karachi, Bombay, Ceylon, Gan, Singapore, and on to Pusan. I was attached to No. 1 Ferry unit as ground / air wireless mechanic The Russian Mig1 used by the North Koreans were no match for the Metiors and Vampires who played a big part in winning that war. You may remember during visit to Aircraft Museum we viewed the Metior on display and I mentioned I had been fortunate in having about an one flight in a Metior. piloted by FL. Lt. Collo. I would be interesting to see if Bill Simpson served during that time. Dad


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