Day 61 – 5th March 2020, Semarang

Manny on stageLast night we received notification in our cabins regarding the timing for the temperature checks, which were planned to commence at 06:30. However, by 06:30 the local authorities were conspicuous by their absence. I believe they finally got started around 07:30.

While the entire ship received a clean bill of health, due to the local Mayor, we did go alongside, but nobody was permitted ashore.

Read on to learn about our most interesting day.

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Day 60 – 4th March 2020, At Sea

Viking Sun at anchor Komodo Is

The cruise from L/A to London is 119 days and this is day 60, so even though we still have almost 2 months before arrival Greenwich, we are over the hump and on the homeward stretch.

Yet again, another relaxing sea day aboard the magnificent Viking Sun, as we steam through the Java Sea at a very sedate 10 kts. Life is grand.

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