Day 61 – 5th March 2020, Semarang

Manny on stageLast night we received notification in our cabins regarding the timing for the temperature checks, which were planned to commence at 06:30. However, by 06:30 the local authorities were conspicuous by their absence. I believe they finally got started around 07:30.

While the entire ship received a clean bill of health, due to the local Mayor, we did go alongside, but nobody was permitted ashore.

Read on to learn about our most interesting day.

Temperature: 30C/86F

Wind/Weather: Partly cloudy

Sunrise/Sunset: 06:18/18:29

Clox: Back 1 hr (Z+7)


We anchored in the port approaches by 06:00, where we remained until finally being permitted to dock around 17:00. On completion of loading stores we departed about 23:30, bound for Bali.


Partly cloudy throughout the day


No special meals today.

With our scheduled meeting with local authorities at 07:30, we headed to the World Cafe by 07:00, for a quick breakfast. During breakfast, Beven advised they were late and suggested waiting for another announcement, before going for screening.

Since this was a scheduled port day, the MDR was closed, so we had lunch in the World Cafe.

Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay

Tonight’s dinner menu included a destination section, featuring Indonesia. The chicken satay was incredible.

Spicy Indonesian Prawns

Slightly spicy large prawns

Erald advised that the Indonesian Prawns were ultra spicy, as other passengers were complaining they were too hot. As seen above, my response was, “Bring on some heat” please. Cooked to perfection, they certainly had a little touch of heat in the sauce.

Excellent menu, which finished with Coconut ice-cream.


No walking this morning, as we were scheduled to meet local authorities at 07:30 for a temperature check. We finally got called about 08:30 and as usual the crew had re-arranged the tables and chairs in Manfredi’s to expedite the flow. Therefore, the temperature checks were completed rather quickly.

About 11:00, Bevne advised the ship had passed with flying colours, with nobody on-board having a temperature. We then awaited clearance from the authorities to head ashore.

During the evening, the itinerary changed, as Semarang was now an overnight port, so the Brodobur Tour could be scheduled. Around Noon, we were advised the ship was cleared to dock by the Indonesian Govt, but the local Mayor did not want us to dock and he has the authority to over-rule the National Government. Basically, we went alongside at 17:00 for about 6 hours, while they loaded 5 of 6 containers full of stores. Apparently the port could not locate the 6th container.

Team Trivia

Since it was increasingly unlikely we could get ashore, Beven arranged a number of activities on the fly. We attended Trivia at 15:00, where Tobias keeps ramping up the difficulty level. We scored 6/15, missing the tie-breaker by 1, since we changed question 1 from a correct answer to a wrong one.

  • Question 1 – what is the most eaten fish in the world.

I immediately went with Herring, which Judi put on the sheet. However, during the review others thought Cod or Sea Bass, so Judi changed our answer. The correct answer was Herring.

Manny's impromptu show

Unfortunately, the local Mayor would not permit the Guest Entertainer, who was waiting ashore, to board the vessel. He was due to join in Darwin, but due to a late flight, he arrived just after we departed. Since he was scheduled in the Theatre, we had no evening show, so Manny volunteered to perform.

Manny on stage

A/Cruise Director Manny – singing on stage

Wow, Manny is obvious extremely well trained vocalist, who has a very powerful voice. He sang a great variety of music and was well backed up by the band.

Manny on stage 2

This was a truly amazing show, which they scheduled and finalised in a couple of hours.

After the Theatre, we headed to Torshavn with 2 other couple for a nightcap and to listen to the band for their first set. Problem is, the band never took a break, as they played continuously for almost 2 hrs.

Bevan Wendy Bethan Tobias and Manny

Beven, Wendy (Beven’s wife), Bethan, Tobias and Manny

Beven and cruise staff sitting in Torshavn after a rather challenging day. Wendy also maintains a travel blog, so check out her blog –



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