Day 62 – 6th March 2020, At Sea

Viking Sun at anchor Komodo Is 3We are back at sea again, for another wonderful and relaxing sea day aboard the magnificent Viking Sun, where we are continuously pampered  by this amazing crew. The latest itinerary had us in Semarang, where we would have sat on cramped buses for many hours in gridlocked traffic through rather basic roads.

With the 2 options above, no complaints from us, sadly not all fellow pax agree. As far as I’m concerned, aboard this amazing ship, we 900 pax have money to spend ashore, but if they don’t want us, I’ll happily spend our money where our business is appreciated. It wasn’t appreciated in Semarang.

Temperature: 31C/88F

Wind/Weather: Mostly cloudy, showers, light to moderate following winds

Sunrise/Sunset: 05:41/17:51

Clox: No change (Z+7)


We departed Semarang about midnight, retracing our courses through the Java Sea towards Bali. By Noon we had steamed 179 miles, at an average speed of 15 kts. We still have 269 miles to Bali.


Generally overcast with thunderstorms in the evening. Throughout most of the day we had following winds of 15 to 20 kts.


No special meals today.


Headed up to Dk 8 for my usual wander, but yesterday I did a few flights of stairs and now the knee is swollen again. Only lasted 1/2 hr, so I guess it is back to using lifts. However, I did check where the sun came up and noted we are in fact heading East.

After breakfast, Judi and I headed to the Living Room for some additional tea, before I had a haircut from the lovely Ivana in the Nordic Spa.

During the Captain’s Noon announcement we were advised that while nothing was received in writing, the Bali authorities have given verbal confirmation that we will get clearance tomorrow, with passengers able to go ashore.

Trivia we scored a very respectable 7/15, with the 4 winning teams having only 8/15. Just one more question right and we would have made the tie-breaker – what is the height of the statue of liberty.

We planned to attend Beven’s latest version of trivia, with a “Multi-Media Edition”, but since we arrive in Bali a day early, the trivia was replaced by the Bali Port Talk.

At 21:00 we had a return of “The Liars Club”, featuring the same 3 lying scoundrels from the previous version – Beven (C/Dir), Bethan (Vocalist) and Himanshu (Rest Mgr). The proceedings were admirably hosted by Tobias (Vocalist), but he certainly had his hands full with the panelists.

For those not familiar with Liars Club, they research totally bizarre words that few, if any people have ever heard before. Each panel member provides their version of the meaning and we have to guess which one is telling the truth.

With 4 words, I was surprised that about 1/3 of the teams got them all correct, whereas I thought our team did an amazing job guessing 3 out of 4 correctly.

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