Day 66 – 10th March 2020, At Sea

Viking Sun bow

The final numbers are out for the number of passengers and crew aboard the 2019/20 World Cruise, since renamed, “Magical Mystery Cruise to Somewhere”

  • Crew – 464
  • Passengers – 361

Therefore our crew/pax ratio is better than 1:1 and it already shows, with this amazing crew trying even harder to ensure we have everything we need.

Disclaimer – this photo has been tweaked in Photoshop, and is a tongue in cheek, comical representation of the magnificent Viking Sun, based on information provided to the London based passengers. We were informed no other passengers were boarding and in effect we were aboard a private yacht, to complete the World Cruise.

4 thoughts on “Day 66 – 10th March 2020, At Sea

    • Our next port of call is currently, “Somewhere” Tentatively, between now and Apr 3rd we may visit:
      – Colombo, no shore leave just bunkers & victuals
      – Muscat
      – Aqaba
      – Safaga
      – Alexandria
      – Athens


    • The World Cruise is over and last night we commenced the Magical Mystery Cruise to Somewhere. As the Hotel GM mentioned in his welcome last night, they will try to get into some posts, but those decisions are well outside our control. He suggested keeping our expectations for ports low, so any we get into is a bonus.

      We had the option to go home, as many did, but we are staying for the duration and going to enjoy every day.


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