Day 64 – 8th March 2020, Alongside Bali

Taman Ayun Judi at entrance

Yesterday we spent the day at anchor, while Viking negotiated with the local authorities to get us ashore for our tours, and flights for those departing the ship. We all had our temperatures taken again last evening, but didn’t hear the results, before heading to bed.

On waking this morning, the question on everyone’s mind was, “Are we going ashore today or not???” Read on for a busy start to the day and our activities.

Temperature: 29C/84F forecast, actual was >32C with 85% humidity

Wind/Weather: Generally overcast, with occasional rain & thunderstorms

Sunrise/Sunset: 06:24/18:38

Clox: No change (Z+8)


We spent the entire day anchored, just off the port


Overcast skies, with occasional heavy rain and thunderstorms in the evening.


No special meals today.


Rather than repeat the description of our hectic morning and meeting in the Theatre, with Captain, GM & Viking Executive, please check my previous post, using this link

After the meeting in the Theatre, we were both ecstatic, as the cruise was continuing to “Somewhere” and we literally are in a protective bubble. We gathered the shore stuff, from the cabin, returning to the Theatre by 08:00 for our Temple Wonders tour, which comprised a Batik factory, 2 temples and lunch.


  • Tour type – ship’s optional excursion
  • Tour Name – Temple Wonders
  • Duration – 6 hrs
Batik - factory

Batik factory

Our first stop today was at Popiler Batik factory and showroom, in Tohpati Village. As seen above, the factory is at the rear and the massive showroom is through the doors to the right. Prices were outrageous, even for an opening bid in a negotiation.

Batik - applying design to Judi's shirt 2

Applying design to Judi’s shirt

Others declined, but Judi graciously accepted the offer of receiving a design on her shirt, which was completed in only a couple of minutes.

Batik - applying design to Judi's shirt 4

Finishing the design

Now that it is applied to her shirt, she has to wash it in cold water, lest the wax melt and wash-off.

Batik - applying design to Judi's shirt 5

Modelling the completed design

Batik - tools required

Array of tools used in Batik manufacturing

Batik - filling the pipe with liquid wax

Loading up the pipe with hot wax

The barrel of the pipe is filled with hot wax, which is then dispensed onto the fabric by a thin nozzle.

Taman Ayun entry bridge

Taman Ayun Entrance over the outer moat

On return to the bus, we drove for about an hour to the 17th Century Taman Ayun Temple, which once was the centre of a powerful Kingdom, in the town of Mengwi. This was the family temple and gardens for the Mengwi Dynasty, which survived to the late 1800’s.

Taman Ayun Judi at entrance

Judi at the entrance

Enjoy a selection of photos from the Temple.

Please select any above photo to view it full size

Departing the Temple, we headed for the countryside and a resort, where we enjoyed a Balinese buffet lunch.

Lunch welcoming music

Welcoming local music as we disembarked the buses


Lunch hut

Lunch hut

On the approach to the resort the heavens opened with torrential rain, which had eased slightly, as we disembarked the bus, where we were met by an army of staff with brollies. Fortunately, lunch was served in the above covered structure.

Lunch view from our table

View from our table

Lunch resort pool and gazebo

Resort pool and gazebo


On completion of lunch, we returned to the buses for the hour drive to our final stop, the 16th-century Tanah Lot Temple, which is located on the coast and is also called the Sunset Temple.

Tanah Lot Temple at low tide 3

16th-century Tanah Lot temple

The buses parked in the parking lot, which left a good 1/2 mile walk through local vendors, to reach the temple entrance.

Tanah Lot our group walking to temple

The final stretch towards the water & temple

On clearing the vendors we reached the Temple entrance.

Tanah Lot entrance our group descending

Temple Entrance from inside

Tanah Lot entrance entrance statue

Outside of Temple Entrance

Tanah Lot Judi sitting at entrance

Judi taking a little breather

Tanah Lot Temple at low tide 2

Off-shore temple accessible at low tide

Tanah Lot Temple from the beach 2

Beach access to Temple at low tide

We could walk up to the base of the Temple, but were not permitted to access the actual Temple.

Enjung Galuh Hindu Temple

Enjung Galuh Hindu Temple

The above Temple is on the next headland, which we passed on our walk back to the bus. With the crazy traffic in Bali, it took 1 hr 20 mins to reach the ship.

We had also booked the optional Twilight Dinner Tour, with 3 hrs between the scheduled end of the Temple Wonders and start of the evening tour. Unfortunately, the Temple Wonders was 2 hrs late returning to the port, giving us only an hour between tours. Normally, it wouldn’t be a problem, but being out in the heat and humidity all day, we were soaked to the skin with sweat, which isn’t appropriate dinner attire. The ship was a 1/2 hr tender ride from the dock, so we had insufficient time to get back to the ship, shower, change and get back ashore for the tour, so we had a quiet dinner in the World Cafe.

Shuttle Service

Due to local taxi regulations, Viking advised they are unable to provide this service.



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