Day 70 – 14th March 2020, Cruising the Indian Ocean

Smooth seas in Indian Ocean

Above was the view from our balcony, a very welcome return to the Northern Hemisphere, with blue skies and smooth seas. This evening, at the start of “Dancing Under the Stars”, we were enjoying the amazing display of stars, commenting that during our entire time in the Southern Hemisphere, we couldn’t recall seeing an evening of stars.

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Day 69 – 13th March 2020, Cruising the Indian Ocean

Viking Sun Flag State Ensign

Oh No!!! it’s Friday the 13th, and with some of our recent experiences these past few days, can we expect any new changes. Since we are maintaining a positive attitude aboard this magnificent Viking Ocean ship, the question is, what challenges could possibly come our way today, rather than what could possibly go wrong?

Today we departed the Southern Hemisphere, crossing the Equator at 12:23, as we returned to the Northern Hemisphere.

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