Day 71 – 15th March 2020, Arr Colombo


It’s Sunday, with an “Old Firm” match originally scheduled between my beloved Rangers and them from the East side of Glasgow. Unfortunately, the escalating virus has curtailed the entire English and Scottish Leagues, so no football scores to check, nor the opportunity to watch the highlights of another great Rangers victory.

Although the day started as another sea day, we docked in Colombo about 18:00, but only for bunkers and victuals, no shore leave for crew or pax. On the dock were a couple of army types with guns, not so much preventing us from going ashore, but mostly to prevent locals bringing this pesky virus aboard our healthy ship.

Temperature: 28C/82F, although it hit > 30C in the afternoon

Wind/Weather: Mostly sunny with light SE’ly winds

Sunrise/Sunset: 06:11/18:22

Clox: Back 1/2 hr (Z+5.5)


At 06:00 we were within sight of the south tip of the Sri Lanka Coast and from then steered various courses up the coast to the Colombo pilot station. At Noon, we had steamed 2,349 miles since departure Bali, with a mere 68 miles to the pilot station.


The day started with clear skies, but as we approach Colombo, it got progressively hazier, due to the pollution. Winds were light airs at about 5 kts.


Today’s special meals included:

  • Aquavit Bar (07:00 to 10:00) – Organic Muesli Bar
  • Aquavit Bar ( 12:00 to 14:00) – Dim Sum
  • World Cafe (18:00 to 20:30) – Crepes Suzette


Today’s scheduled activities:

  • 10:00 Lecture – Sugar & Slavery, Col Coutts-Britton
  • 10:00 Baggo
  • 10:00 Wildlife Watch – Robin Petch
  • 11:00 Lecture – Exploring Precious Cargo from the East, Prof Conte-Helm
  • 12:00 Daily Trivia
  • 16:00 Marine Conservation Q/A with Robin Petch
  • 17:15 Trivia Extra, Multi-Media Edition
  • 18:00 Arrival Colombo – no crew/pax shore leave
  • 21:15 Blankety Blank Game Show
  • Various – knitting, bridge, canasta, mahjong, etc

After breakfast, we headed to the Living Room on Deck # 1, where the waiters are all amazing, trying hard to out do each other. Brilliant service.

I attended the 10:00 lecture from the exceptional presenter Col Coutts-Britton. A new subject matter for him, but it was delivered in his usual style. Explaining how the development of sugar plantations in the Caribbean drove the trade triangle between Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. I recall the Maritime Museum in Greenwich having similar content, but still very interesting and informative.

Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

After lunch we headed down to the Infinity Pool at the aft end of Deck 7, spending an hour in the water and chatting to the group of us in the pool. Unfortunately, as we approached Colombo, the nice clear air we have grown accustomed to, was replaced with haze and pollution.

In the afternoon, I attended the Q/A with Robin Petch, followed by Beven’s Multi-Media Trivia. This was again 3 groups of 10 questions – photos of cities, general knowledge and name that TV program. We scored 19/30, with the winner on 22/30.

The Blankety Blanks Game Show was a first for Viking Cruises and was hilarious. Beven had 6 officers from the hotel dept

  • Wendy – Customer Services Mgr
  • Gunther -Bar Mgr
  • Annika – Financial Officer
  • Rob – Shore ex Mgr
  • Chris – Financial Officer
  • Himanshu – Restaurant Mgr

Beven invited a passenger on stage into the “Hot seat”. The passenger selected 1 of the 9 questions, which Beven read out. The questions always ended with, “Blankety Blank”. The officers all had a board and were given 30 secs to complete the question, by writing it on their individual boards, which remained hidden.

Once time expired, Beven asked the passenger for their response, then approached each of the officers, to reveal their responses. If they matched, the passenger received a point for each match. As usual, Himanshu was hilarious.

Each of the 3 participating passenger received 3 questions, so the game lasted for 9 rounds.

Sri Lanka

Since the local authorities do not wish to accept our contributions to the local economy, I have no new photos of Colombo, or the surrounding area. However, if interested, please select any of these links from a previous visit.


9 thoughts on “Day 71 – 15th March 2020, Arr Colombo

  1. We are starting to get worried…no daily updates have been posted for a while.
    Are you really going to be at sea until May 2nd? What is Viking informing you about the future? We were on 3 segments of the world tour and left from Darwin. Wishing you all the very best. You all are in our thoughts.


    • We have had no internet since shortly after Colombo, due to poor satellite coverage. It has just improved, as of last night.

      The situation is changing almost hourly and we are receiving updates from Viking as they become available. As of 19:30 last evening, we are now bound for Dubai, where ALL non-Canadian & US passengers MUST disembark the vessel. This applies to everyone aboard that is not signed on as a member of the crew, which sadly includes the Cruise Director’s wife.

      On departure Dubai, Viking Sun is then bound for a port on the US Eastern seaboard, where all Canadian & US pax will disembark.

      Now that I have internet, I will start catching up with daily posts after breakfast.


  2. We disembarked in Sydney so we’ve missed the seaborne roller-bcoaster ride; and thanks to you we’ve been able to have some sense of what our shipmates are experiencing- many thanks.
    At home in Northern California under “Shelter in Place” orders, we are as confined as you without the interesting activities/social interaction, great service and good eats or the fine ocean views.


  3. You are lucky you are not being allowed ashore as Covid19 is a pandemic and causing many serious issues around the world.
    It has of course arrived in Canada , most of the rec centres, libraries etc in the lower mainland are closed,people are encouraged to work from home if they can
    So stay on board and be healthy!😊


    • Hi Karen – We weren’t really disappointed in not getting ashore and are resigned to 50 more sea days. Just like the old days when you went to sea with Richard.

      See you in May, if any airlines are still flying and we can get into the country.


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