Viking World Cruise – Itinerary Update # 4

Viking Sun at anchor Komodo Is

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts, as since departure Colombo we have steamed through a satellite dead zone, as we had mostly no connectivity and then yesterday limited connectivity.

The situation on board is changing almost hourly, as Viking endeavours to ensure our safety, but also to get us home. At 11:30 yesterday morning, we were summonsed to the Theatre for an important itinerary announcement and options:

  • Viking is considering taking the ship to Dubai then to a port on the US Eastern seaboard.
  • While they have no guarantee that either option above was possible, they asked how many non-US citizens would be interested in flying home from Dubai
  • If the ship gets to the US, they have no idea where it may go next and how long any remaining pax could be stuck on board.

Passengers contemplating disembarking in Dubai were requested to complete a form naming their preferred destination airport.

During dinner, we received another P/A announcement with a further change. After Muscat this evening, we are docking in Dubai on March 21st. In Dubai, ALL non-Canadian and US passengers MUST disembark and Viking are arranging flights for all. Canadian & US pax also have the option of disembarking in Dubai.

On departing Dubai, the Viking Sun is heading for the Suez Canal, then across the Atlantic Ocean to dock in a port on the US Eastern Seaboard. All remaining Canadian & US pax will disembark at that time. At this time, no port is known and Viking are saying Canadians should be able to fly home across the border.


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