Day 74 – 18th March 2020, At Sea

Viking Funnel

The highlights today were another Noon meeting to discuss the latest changes to the cruise and a Brazilian BBQ for dinner in the World Cafe. After dinner we receive another new entertainment option, with passengers participating in Liar’s Club.

Temperature: 27C/81F

Wind/Weather: Sunny & clear, light winds

Sunrise/Sunset: 06:28/18:40

Clox: No change (Z+5)


Today’s special meals were:

  • World Cafe (07:00 to 10:00) – Organic Muesli Bar
  • World Cafe (12:00 to 14:00) – Panini Station
  • World Cafe (18:00 to 20:30) – Churrascaria


Today’s activities included:

  • 10:00 Baggo
  • 10:00 Lecture – The shot that shook the world, presented by Col Coutts-Britton
  • 11:00 Lecture – Isabella Bird a Victorian Traveller in the East, presented by Prof Conte-Helm
  • 12:00 Meeting – World cruise itinerary update
  • 12:30 Daily trivia
  • 13:30 Dancing – Latin dancing with Rosanna
  • 14:00 Ship Tour – Bayeux Tapestry Tour, walk around the deck with the resident historian to learn the story behind the tapestries.
  • 14:00 Premium Wine Tasting
  • 14:30 Workshop – whale identification with Robin Petch
  • 15:00 Workshop – Photograph on iPhone part III
  •  16:00 Concert – Atrium concert with the Viking Singers
  • 21:00 Liar’s Club, Officers v’s Passengers

After breakfast we sat in the Living Room drinking tea until the 10:00 lecture, which discussed the causes for the outbreak of the first World War.

At Noon, we all trooped into the Theatre for today’s update, which included a couple of itinerary specifics and the meeting doubled as our piracy drill. We were informed that the ship has a confirmed date and time to arrive at the Suez anchorage, so Capt Lars walked us through his voyage plan.

On clearing Suez, we are bound for Gibraltar, where the Mumbai bound passengers can disembark, then the ship continues to London (Tilbury), arriving about April 10th. Norbert and Beven noted the common questions being asked at the desk, advising that they do not have any answers, so please don’t waste your time standing in the queue. Once they have answers, we will be advised.

The Captain then reviewed the procedures in the highly unlikely event our vessel is approached by another vessel/boat.

Atrium concert was again amazing, with the singers and Manny each singing at least 1 song. This is an excellent venue for these performances.

Liar’s Club was a new format- passengers v’s officers, similar to the baggo format before Sydney. Tonight we had Chris (Financial Officer) and 2 passengers, with 2 more passengers keeping score. The evening was under the admirable control of Beven, who was severely tested. Himanshu (Restaurant Manager) and renowned Liar’s Club expert took a rain check this evening, using the excuse that he was too busy. That translates that he procrastinated researching the words and ran out of time when the internet crashed.


1 thought on “Day 74 – 18th March 2020, At Sea

  1. How quickly I forget that the internet could have issues at times. Nice to see the updates and that you are all doing great. We met so many nice people on the 3 months we were on. We think of all of you and keep wonder what is going on with all of you. Im glad I found your post because they are wonderful. You are all in our prayers. Continue to enjoy yourselves. We will be waiting for the next new post.


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