Viking World Cruise – Update # 6

With the dawning of a new day, while enjoying breakfast, we heard the dreaded, “Bing Bong”, with Beven requesting our attention for another important update.

The State of Hawaii has closed their ports and Viking has been contacted by the US Coast Guard, suggesting that other mainland ports will shortly follow suit. Therefore, the US Coast Guard has recommended they disembark and repatriate passengers at the earliest opportunity.

Based on this recommendation, the 2019/20 World Cruise is terminating in Dubai and all passengers must disembark the vessel. Viking are arranging flights home, but it may take a few days to get flights for everyone.

19 thoughts on “Viking World Cruise – Update # 6

  1. Hope that you have a good flight home. We are back to Saltspring now and quarantined. At this point it is mandated, but as most of our friends, we will continue until this terrible virus passes. We have had a number of friends offer to get groceries for us. I’m sure that you will have the same support. Please accept the offers and stay safe.
    We enjoyed our voyage with you and following your further adventures.
    Safe travels home.


    • Hi Janet,

      It is March 23rd and we are still aboard this great ship. Viking is arranging a Charter aircraft for us. At home we already have arrangements with our son, who is dropping a car for us at the airport and throwing us the keys from > 6 feet.

      I reviewed Govt of Canada guidelines for self-quarantine and we will follow completely. Our kids upstairs are getting our place stocked for our return,


  2. I’ve never met you but wanted to thank you personally for your blog from Viking Sun. I am the mum of Wendy, Bevens wife. Although obviously we communicate regularly , it has been great to hear from a passengers viewpoint about the activities & entertainment, earlier in the cruise…& more recently the changes in itinerary/ departure etc.Often I was able to know more details from you  than she was able to tell me with time differences etc. It really seemed as tho the atmosphere on board was second to non…. Wendy said how much of a huge family it had become…& she loved their wedding anniversary recognition!! It’s certainly a cruise none of you will forget! It’s so sad that it was such a confused end of the cruise for you all, but it does seem as tho Viking stepped up & did the best they could. Wishing you a safe trip home & stay safe!Pam Anderson

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    • Hi Pam,

      Thanks for your comment. Wendy and I chatted a couple of nights before she unfortunately had to disembark and mentioned that you were an avid reader of our blog and got faster updates than from Wendy. Had intended to pass on thanks in my next post.

      This World Cruise is totally unique with the challenges and curves that have been thrown Viking’s way and they have been magnificent, both in the way we have been looked after and kept informed. I have also been very impressed in how the onboard leadership team think outside the box, especially with the relaxing of pax/crew inter-actions. While is certainly hasn’t reverted to what I know from the 70’s & 80’s it really has created a feeling of one big happy family.

      We spent 104 days on our previous World Cruise and while we got to know some of the crew, it wasn’t close to being similar to the 75 days on this ship.

      The ship is still in Dubai and many of us remain aboard. Emirates have announced tomorrow is their final day of flying, so Viking are working hard to find alternative ways of getting us home. In the interim, we are extremely happy on board.


    • Hi Pam,

      Forgot to mention it with my earlier reply, as I recall Wendy mentioning that you are also avid RV’ers with your caravan/campervan. If you ever get to Canada, would be great to meet and chat about the RV/Caravan lifestyle.


  3. Andy and Judi,

    So glad to hear you and Judi are safe and healthy! It has been almost two weeks since Patty and I disembarked in Bali. After over two months at sea from LA, we really debated about continuing on to London for completion of the cruise. We were envious of the Ultimate World Cruisers/World Wonders who cruised from Bali on their private Viking Sun yacht!

    We appreciate the blogs! We miss the crew, pax and especially the outstanding food! We really enjoyed both the restaurant plus the private Allison and Ron dinners and parties with both you guys! Please tell Judi we look forward to her joining us for another curry alternative dinner on a future cruise! Safe travels home.

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    • Hi Mike – we remember you, especially when you invited her to join you when she was alone during the last curry night, which I attended.

      Hope to meet up again on another Viking Cruise.


  4. Andy, we sent you an email hope you got it. But I know you are busy with packing and just trying to get home as safely and quickly as possible. Have a safe and healthy trip home. Remember, postpone the hugging of family until you complete your voluntary self-isolation.
    You will be home before you know it.

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    • Thanks Steve/MonaLiza,

      Hoping Betsy was in good shape for your return. Sounds like we depart Dubai tomorrow afternoon (24 Mar). Our kids are stocking the larder in preparation for our return, as we will follow the quarantine guidelines to the letter.


  5. Andy and Judi, I wish you safe and healthy travels home and look forward to your comparison posts as for me, that will be a highlight as you do them so well. Many other blogs never address any of those issues.


    • Thanks Tamera – will do the summary and comparison when we return home. Since we are in quarantine for a fortnight, and no football on the telly, I will have some spare time.


  6. Thank you for all the updates. I had a fun time from LA to Sydney. Sounds like viking worked above and beyond To keep you all safe. Sorry you didn’t make London. Please be safe on your travels home.


    • Thanks Rob – Yes, it is rather disappointing not to be sailing up the Thames, with Viking claiming the World Cruise world record.

      Throughout this adventure, Viking have been brilliant.


  7. OMG!! Everything happens for a reason I guess..glad you were resigned to leaving any way. I’m going to miss reading about your adventures


  8. Thank you for your constant updates on your progress . We all hope you have a safe flight home and you are able to do this Cruise others in the very near future. God Bless and Be Safe


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