Day 75 – 19th March 2020, At Sea


World Cruise Map 2

As you all know too well, the world has gone crazy, but to date Viking have done an amazing job, both keeping us safe and providing an enjoyable experience on the Ultimate 245-day World Cruise. Unfortunately, with the world shrinking daily, even Viking are having to admit defeat and are commencing with plans to repatriate us home.

Sadly, this exceptional World Cruise is ending prematurely.

Temperature: 28C/82F

Wind/Weather: Partly cloudy & light airs

Sunrise/Sunset: 06:42/19:04

Clox: no change (Z+5)


Today’s special meals:

  • World Cafe (07:00 to 10:00) – Organic Muesli Bar

After an amazing effort these past many days, the galley are getting a little well earned break, with only 1 special today.


Today’s activities:

10:00 Baggo

10:00 Lecture – The Christmas Truce 1914, Col Coutts-Britton

11:00 Lecture – Capt Cook’s Voyages: the Art & Science of Exploration Prof Conte-Helm

12:00 Trivia

13:00 Ladies Pamper Party

13:30 Film – Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid

15:30 Scavenger Hunt

17:15 Lecture – Humpback Whale, Robin Petch

21:15 Guest Entertainer – Harmonica Virtuosso Aiden Soon

After breakfast, I signed up for another series of the cooking classes, as they featured Indian Cuisine. We had a brilliant day, with only Alison, Ron, Deb, myself and a young lady from Guest Services. We made a lentil salad starter and pork vindaloo, OMG my favourite curry.

Cooking up a storm we heard the dreaded “Bing Bong” at 11:30. Haven’t heard from Beven in a couple of hours, so he was certainly overdue. However, this wasn’t an entertainment update, this was a request for all pax to meet in the Theatre at high Noon.

Please check Update # 5 for the information at that meeting and the subsequent P/A announcement during dinner a few hours later. To link to Update # 5, please click here

Sadly, the world is imploding and international travel is becoming increasingly difficult, so while not ending yet, the end of the World Cruise is definitely in sight.

Shocked, by the news that all non-US citizens should disembark in Dubai, we were rather down in the dumps, so chilled in the cabin until dinner, which was pre-arranged with Ron & Alison. During dinner, we received an itinerary update, resulting in Judi and I changing our minds and electing to remain aboard until the US East Coast.

Torshavn wasn’t open, so a group of us headed to Explorers’ to celebrate, before heading to the Theatre for Aiden Soon, an amazing harmonica player. Great performance.

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