Day 76 – 20th March 2020, Muscat

Muscat flag

We docked in Muscat by 08:00 this morning, at the same berth we used on our 2015 World Cruise. Only difference, on the Viking Sun, this is just a technical docking for bunkers and stores, so no shore leave for pax or crew.

After a great sleep, in the knowledge that we are remaining aboard for another 3 weeks to the US East Coast, we awoke this morning to a very anxious daughter, who is getting rather concerned with our continued absence, during these difficult times.

Read on to learn of another significant change to our tenure aboard the magnificent Viking Sun.

Temperature: 31C/88F

Wind/Weather: Sunny & light airs

Sunrise/Sunset: 06:12/18:17

Clox: Back 1 hr (Z+4)


Today’s special meal:

  • World Cafe (07:00 to 10:00) – Organic Muesli Bar

At dinner tonight we had Ribeye Steaks on the menu, so we expected the usual Manfredi’s size (16 oz) steak that is a almost 3/4″ thick. Imagine our surprise when they deliver what is basically a Tomahawk Steak without the long rib bone. Still on the bone, it was about 1.5″ thick, probably about 24 oz. When we did the Tomahawk Steak night we shared 1 steak between 4 of us and tonight they are serving 1 each.


Today’s activities:

  • 10:00 Baggo practice – no competition due to crew drills
  • 10:15 Lecture – History of Navigation, Prof Conte-Helm
  • 11:15 Lecture – In Flander’s Field, Col Coutts-Britton
  • 12:15 Trivia
  • 13:30 Film – Joker
  • 15:00 Q&A – The Plastic Problem, Robin Petch
  • 16:00 Workshop – iPhone photography
  • 17:15 Lecture – The Secrets of King Tut, Bryan Babcock
  • 21:15 Guest Entertainer – Mark O’Toole

Since we had no shore leave today, I include a couple of photos from our previous visit in 2015.


We keep our kids appraised of the changes with the itinerary, as they happen, so yesterday they received 2 emails – firstly explaining that all non-US citizens were encouraged to disembark Dubai, so reluctantly, we agreed to request flights home from Dubai. Then about 7 hrs later and with the changing circumstances, where only non-Canadian & US citizens were required to disembark in Dubai, we elected to stay.


Unknown to us, our daughter was getting increasingly worried about us being away, especially as all other World Cruise were already cancelled, or shutting down within days. On receipt of the first email, she was rather relieved, but then devastated when we decided to stay. We chatted when awake and decided that we needed to go home, so requested flights home from Dubai.


Didn’t think I needed to attend a lecture on the history of navigation, as I probably have forgotten more about navigating in pre-Satnav/GPS days than the presenter actually knows. So Judi and I sat in the Living Room, enjoying a couple of cups of tea.


The 11:15 lecture from the excellent Col Coutts-Britton was most interesting, which was then followed by the Daily Trivia.

Mutrah SoukMutrah Souk inside

After dinner we headed to Explorers’ for a nightcap and then to Torshavn when it opened at 21:00. We skipped the show, since the previous evening we observed the entertainer displaying conduct most unbecoming of Viking’s standards. Didn’t wish to support him, so Judi and I joined Alison & Ron in Torshavn.


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