Viking World Cruise – Update # 8

Viking logoAlongside in Dubai, for the past few days we had about 85 US passengers and 8 Canadian passengers, happily waiting for approval to disembark and join the Viking charter flight home.

During dinner last evening, we noted buses arriving at the gangway, then the Financial Officer came around to locate all 8 Canadians and invite us to a meeting at Chef’s Table. In attendance was the Captain, GM, Cruise Director, Financial Officer and Customer Service Manager, wow!! that a lot of brass to sit and sip a cocktail. Me thinks changes are coming!!!

Sure enough, us pesky Canadians were the reason for the charter flight delay, as we are not permitted to land in the USA, and even although the plane will overfly Canadian airspace, we can’t land in Canada. Don’t want to speculate as to how governments work, but really!!! Result – our US friends are flying home and we stay aboard our Private Yacht, as the Magical Mystery Cruise to Somewhere continues.

Viking Sun bow

Disclaimer – this was created in Photoshop only as a laugh, the ship’s name hasn’t changed

Therefore, at 22:30 last evening, we Canadians formed an honour’s guard, supplementing the crew, applauding and wishing our US friends a safe flight home, as they sadly disembarked the vessel. Lots of hugs and tears were shed, as over the past almost 3 months we have become 1 family.

We sailed from Dubai at 06:15 this morning and are now bound for the Suez Canal and the Meddy. Viking will continue trying to get us home safely, at the earliest opportunity.

On completion of disembarkation last night, we sat in the Living Room for a libation and informal chat with the GM and Cruise Director. We have a meeting at 10:00 tomorrow morning to discuss how the ship will operate. Basically, we are still passengers, but we will have much greater contact with this exceptional crew, and will share the resources and entertainment, which works for us.

21 thoughts on “Viking World Cruise – Update # 8

  1. The twist and turn of your journey are amazing and I think you can even write a book about your adventure. The good news is as long as all of you stay healthy you are actually in the best place plus you are all well taken care of. Keep up the spirit we are thinking of you and the rest of Viking Sun. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and repeating what Captain Lars kept reminding us, take care of each other.
    Stay well.


    • Hi Mona Liza – Yes, we are all healthy and being well cared for. The crew currently have mandatory temperature checks once or twice per day, which are optional for us.


  2. Me thinks it would only be fair for Viking to make a slight diversion and drop you two off in Vancouver. Just sayin.


    • Quite a diversion, which works for Judi and I. Unfortunately we are the only 2 from the West Coast. Good news is the total compliment is < 500, so we meet Canada's criteria for docking


  3. CANADA won’t let Canadians land? Is there any actual reason for this while Canada is saying “come home now!” ?

    Have a wonderful, unique time. This is a cruise to remember!! Enjoy!


    • We haven’t had contact with Canadian Embassy, but the plane had to fly through Canadian airspace. No idea of the politics involved, but our US friends flew home and the 8 Canadians are still aboard our private yacht.


  4. I feel so sad for my fellow Americans who had to leave the shop. They had to be happy yet very envious of you both and your fellow Canadians. What a trip of a lifetime!


  5. Wow! I would never have guessed this outcome in a million years. I thought you’d be on your ‘Private Air Yacht’ to get home. You and Judi have such positive spirits, I’m sure you’ll make the best of it. Just hope there’s enough beer on board! Looking forward to your next posts & photos. I imagine Viking’s working on a creative solution for all of you. Stay safe and healthy! Barb


    • Hi Barb – we also never expected this outcome, which created an extremely unique situation. Each of us now has 57 crew looking after us. Being on this ship, with the great crew, it is really easy to stay positive.


  6. Stay safe as your adventures continue. I bet that you will enjoy getting to know some of the crew if they are allowed to enjoy some of the guest areas. Glad I don’t have to give up my morning read!


    • The crew will have greater access to passenger areas, especially since so much of it is available. While we got to know many of the crew, these days we are getting to meet many more.

      Just visited the Theatre for the mandatory AM crew temperature check, which is optional for passengers. The crew tried to get me to bypass the queue and go to the front, but I preferred to wait and chat with those around me. Took about 5 minutes, so no big deal.

      Crew are happy to see us wearing name tags.


      • I see familiar faces among your crew…Ardel, Nelson, Erald and of course Beven. Ardel and Nelson were so awesome. I actually cried last year in Bali saying goodbye to Ardel!!!


    • Thanks – while we were disappointed not to have gone home, as we had already made the mental adjustment, we agree this is definitely the safer option.

      I will get caught up with the daily posts and continue until we disembark.


  7. Wow! Thank you for keeping us posted….sorry you could not fly home mostly for the sake of your kids but glad you are safe and headed closer to home each day! As fellow passengers from LA to Sydney we think of you and the crew every day!


    • Thanks – yes, we were resigned to disembarking and returning home to assist our kids. However, greater minds than our thought differently, so we sail along.

      As you indicated, since we are 12 hours from home in Dubai, additional days on the ship reduces the length of the eventual flight home.


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