Day 80 – 24th March 2020, Dubai

Viking Daily 24 Mar

Another group of passengers left the ship last evening, for flights to North America and Europe, so our numbers continue to steadily reduce, but today is the last day that Emirates is operating. As of now, Judi and I are in a group of about 90 Canadians and Americans that have no flights scheduled, prior to Emirates shutting down their operation. Every available seat is booked.

Viking have arranged for a charter flight to get us home and we are scheduled to depart the ship this afternoon.

Temperature: 22C/72F

Wind/Weather: Partly cloudy & hazy

Sunrise/Sunset: 06:32/18:55

Clox: No change (Z+4)


Today’s special meal:

  • Magical Mystery Cruise, Farewell Luncheon (12:30) – MDR

During breakfast this morning, we heard the dreaded “Bing Bong” followed by Beven. He advised the charter flight arrangements were complete and we would be departing the vessel at 12:30, so the Farewell Luncheon was now at 10:30.

Faewell luncheon page 1

Farewell Luncheon Menu, Front Page

By P/A announcement, all remaining (about 90) pax were invited to the MDR for the Farewell Luncheon. On arrival, all entrances were closed, so we queued outside for a couple of minutes. When the Fire-Door opened, crew were lined on both sides of the alleyway applauding our arrival.

Faewell luncheon page 2

The host assigned us tables, then we were escorted by one of the waiters to the fwd Port side of the MDR. All 2-tops were removed and all tables were set for about 8, with at least 1 officer assigned to each table. We were assigned to table # 151, sitting with Captain Kjeldsen.

Farewell luncheon page 3

Luncheon Menu

When taking orders, the Waiter explained they were doing something different, as all 3 starters would be served, so we only had to order a main course. Surely, I heard wrong, and we weren’t going to be served 3 starters then a main course and trio of dessert. I didn’t hear wrong, as we received the following starters:

  • Lobster tempura, which was amazing and since Judi doesn’t eat lobster, I had 2 pieces
  • French Onion Soup, a large bowl, which I declined since I don’t eat cheese. Within minutes the waiter was back with a new bowl, with no bread & cheese. OMG, the onion broth was amazing.
  • Caviar, normally this incurs a significant extra charge but was provided complimentary today. However, it isn’t something I enjoy, so both Judi & I skipped this dish.

For main course, I had the Sea Bass, which was a huge serving, cooked to perfection as it was so moist and flaky. Judi had the steak, which also was cooked to perfection. On finishing the Main Course they tried to tempt us with a trio of desserts on a single 3-section plate. Sorry, no room.

An amazing farewell lunch with conversation with the Captain.


The Viking Daily only had times posted for lunch and dinner, so that was the first clue that disembarkation was imminent. Beven’s 09:00 announcement requested bags outside the cabins by 10:00, so after breakfast we headed back to the cabin, to re-pack and get the cases outside. Literally, as soon as I opened the door, crew members were present and cases were gone. No wonder you never see cases in the alleyway the night before disembarkation on this ship.

We headed down to the Living Room for a quick cup of tea, before heading up to the MDR at 10:30, for the Farewell Luncheon. Returning to the Atrium, we received our disembarkation group tags and sat to await the announcement to leave. We waited and waited, and waited some more before Beven announced the local authorities are demanding additional paperwork be completed before approving the flight. Eventually about 16:45 they announced that Manfredi’s and the Pool Grill were opening for dinner.

Just before 18:00 a half dozen of us headed into Manfredi’s, enjoying a small, but very pleasant dinner. During dinner we received notification that the charter flight was not happening today and that we would be enjoying another relaxing night aboard the magnificent Viking Sun.

2 thoughts on “Day 80 – 24th March 2020, Dubai

  1. Thanks for the updates. The twisting plot of your adventure continues. What is your new cabin like; did you end up in 7001/ the Owner’s Suite? Also is the entire ship still open for you, or have they cordoned off sections for deep cleaning? How are meals being handled? What a feast you had for your Farewell Luncheon! And most importantly, how many bars are still open? It’s interesting to see your photo of the Mein Schiff as it looks like you’re following her now. Again, safe travels to you and Judi, and stay healthy. Barb


    • We are all in fwd facing suites on Decks 4 & 5, with Judi and I in 4000. This was easiest, as we simply moved fwd on deck 4 on the same side. We also kept our same Cabin Steward.

      Mein Schiff sailed a day before us and I suspect is also bound for Suez, so affirmative, we are following her.

      Just starting to catch up on posts so will answer the questions on life aboard with 8 pax in the daily posts.


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