Day 85 – 29th March 2020, At Sea

Classical duo

Another busy sea day with our team’s first competitive match in the Inter-departmental Baggo challenge. For pre-dinner drinks this evening, we met in the Atrium, enjoying some relaxing music from the classical duo.

Temperature: High 30’s C/ 100F

Wind/Weather: Fine & clear, light following seas

Clox: Back 1 hr (Z+3)


Steaming through the Arabian Sea.


After Cooking Class yesterday, Chef Roberto asked if we had any requests for meals, specific dishes, etc. He took notes of all suggestions, one of which was a request for fish & chips, which he advised would be available tomorrow. While the menu was already printed, sure enough, as promised yesterday, fish & chips was available, in addition to the menu options. Yet another example, of we ask, and the amazing crew make it happen.

Classical duo

Classical Duo Playing in Atrium Pre-Dinner

The previous evening the Guitarist was scheduled in the Atrium at 17:00, so had unfortunately finished playing when we arrived for pre-dinner cocktails. Beven is adjusting the schedule, so we ensured we were down in the Atrium for the Classical Duo this evening. We were joined by Norbert (GM) for a casual chat.

Dinner mar 29

Dinner Mar 29th

For dinner this evening we were joined by the Customer Service Manager and Spa Manager.

Wendy and Marianna


Judi was a little under the weather, with the different movement in the fwd cabin, so had to apply a patch, which takes 12 hours to work. After breakfast, I headed to the temperature check, to confirm I’m still healthy, then to Baggo for practice before our first match. We started from the top step and my first throw was a bulls-eye. Hopefully that was a good omen, not a waste of my best throw of the day.


At 09:30, our team of 9 officers + 3 pax formed up to take on the Galley Giants, who had been practicing furiously. After round 1 the Vikings had a slender lead of < 100, which we increased to about 300 after round 2, then became the eventual winners by > 1,000 pts. Baggo standings after round 1:

Team                                     Played               Points               Percentage

  • Vikings                                      1                         2                     161.7
  • Engineering Eels                     1                         2                     144.4
  • Beverage Bulldogs                  1                         2                     127.6
  • Restaurant Raptors                1                         2                     112.4
  • Housekeeping Hurricanes    1                         0                     88.96
  • Explorer Extremes                 1                         0                     78.4
  • Deck Dingos                             1                         0                     69.2
  • Galley Giants                           1                          0                     61.9

Backstage Tour

Beven arranged a backstage tour for the 8 of us. We started on the stage, seeing the dressing room, costume storage room, rear of the LED screen and stage storage room. The screen is ultra-high definition, with the distance between pixels being < 4 mm. Standing on the stage you can see the individual LED’s, but by the front row in the Theatre it is a clear high-def picture. The entire screen comprises > 90 individual LED units, each of which has a specific address. They are all linked to the audio/video control room, so what is displayed on the monitor is shown on the screen.

He then opened the bulkhead panels closest to the stage, revealing an array of speakers and 2 sub-woofers. The multiple speakers in the array are pointed in different directions, which provides a consistent volume throughout the Theatre.

The Stage Manager then activated a variety of lighting displays, which were enhanced by the smoke/mist generators. Without the smoke/mist you only see the light displays on the stage decking. Once the smoke/mist is activated, it creates an amazing display, especially when the multi-LED lights.

Next up, we checked out the audio/visual/light booth, the amplifier room and then the broadcast control room. Beven also showed us where he records most of his Viking Daily broadcasts.



9 thoughts on “Day 85 – 29th March 2020, At Sea

  1. Hi Andy. You are having quite the time. We are all ‘stay-at-homes’ just now but managing to stay healthy. When will you fly home?
    Take care,
    Sue and Phil


    • Hi Phil & Sue,

      We just heard from Heather the other day about the virtual wine tasting one night, as everyone is confined indoors. Fortunately, although we have daily temperature checks, we don’t have any restrictions on gatherings and the 8 of us dine together every night, at the same table.

      At this time the Viking Head Office is working to find a port where we can catch a flight back to Canada, but no date is know. Probably mid-April at earliest.


  2. Hi Andy

    All is good at home here. The sidewalk drinking group still come out but keep a good 2 metres distance from each other.

    The classical group must have been wonderful. (Something that I’d enjoy.)

    Love the snaps. Great to see that all are doing great.

    Say HI to Judi from us.

    Please be safe and be well.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Vern – looking forward to getting home and getting the growlers filled. Once we clear the fortnight quarantine, it may take us a little time to get used to staying 6 ft away from others. Since we are all healthy, it isn’t normal on the ship.


  3. Great day!
    If you have time in your busy schedule to post some photos of your new suite it would be much appreciated.


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