Day 86 – 30th March 2020, At Sea

Baggo Judi in round 1

The Viking Sun inter-departmental baggo challenge is heating up, with many departments squeezing in extra practice sessions. Today was our 2nd match, with the above photo showing Judi during round 1, on the lowest stair.

Today, all 8 of us volunteered to assist Beven and the Cruise Staff completing an inventory of all the books and returning them to the correct locations. Apparently, it normally takes a couple of weeks, as Viking ships have hundreds of library books in multiple locations. It is also on the honour system, so no checking out books on Viking, as you are free to select any book, at any time. Yet again, Viking passengers are treated like adults.

We also entered the Red Sea this morning and cleared the high risk area by early afternoon, so smooth sailing now towards Suez.

Temperature: High 30’s C

Wind/Weather: Initially overcast, but cleared by evening. Moderate winds on Stbd bow.

Clox: No change (Z+3)


About 06:00 we began the transit through Bab Al-Mandab Strait, which is the narrow entrance to the Red Sea. By mid-afternoon we had cleared the high risk area and set a speed of about 14.5 kts for arrival Port Suez anchorage.


For dinner this evening, we were joined by the Executive Housekeeper (Anna), her assistant and Laundry Manager.

Dinner 30th March

Dinner 30th March with Officers & Waiters

Amazing menu, yet again, making it challenging to select only a single appy and main course. Here is a few of the dishes available this evening:

Dinner 30th March bacon avacado salad

Bacon & Avocado Salad

Dinner 30th March sushi appy

Sushi Rolls

Dinner 30th March Scallops

Scallops with asparagus pasta


After breakfast we headed to the temperature check, then to the Atrium for the 09:30 Baggo match between the Beverage Bulldogs & Engineering Eels. Wow, what a thrilling and high energy contest, with great support from the spectators. After round 1 the Engineering Eels had a slender lead of 35, which they increased to 70 after round 2. Round 3 was equally close until the 2nd last players, when the Engineers scored a bulls-eye on the other team’s board. That scores 100 points to the other team, who also scored a couple of bulls-eyes. Winners were the Beverage Bulldogs by about 300 points.

Baggo Judi in round 1

Judi during round 1 on the lowest stair

On completion of the 09:30 match we got about 15 minutes of practice time, before our match against the Explorers. When top of the table, we must stay sharp, to prevent declining down the standings, especially as all other teams are practicing hard. During round 1, Judi scored 3 bulls-eyes from her 4 throws, with us being > 100 ahead after round 1. Although we didn’t all play well, we still won by > 1,200 points, attaining the 3rd highest score so far. We now have the highest and 3rd highest scores.

After lunch, I headed to the gym for at least an hour on the treadmill, while reading my Kindle, before reporting to the Atrium for the library book audit. Viking ships have hundreds of books throughout the ship:

  • Explorers’ Lounge – multiple locations on both decks
  • Wintergarden – both sides
  • Pool – various locations
  • Atrium – multiple locations on each deck
  • Suites – each suite

It normally takes a couple of weeks to complete, so all 8 of us volunteered to assist. As we reported for duty, Beven checked to ensure we were all participating voluntarily and felt under no obligation to assist. All 8 of us were happy to spend a few hours, so were assigned into teams. Judi stayed in the Atrium, while I assisted Josh and Rosanne in Wintergarden. Our task included:

  • Identifying any book without a Viking label, which are returned to the lending section in the Atrium
  • Re-locating all books with labels for other locations
  • Checking all Wintergarden books off the list to identify any missing

We headed back to the Atrium for pre-dinner refreshments, while listening to Andreas tinkling the ivories on the piano. About 19:00, all 8 of us and our 3 Officer guests headed to Manfredis for another excellent dinner.

After another 2hr + dinner, Judi and I retired to the cabin, where we sat on the balcony enjoying the stars, moon and a planet. Orion’s belt was on our side, with the big dipper fine on the Stbd bow.

9 thoughts on “Day 86 – 30th March 2020, At Sea

  1. Thanks for all of your detailed reports. You may be having more adventure than we are, home bound indefinitely.


    • Thanks, once we eventually disembark, we have 14 days of quarantine followed by being house bound. Life here is definitely a step up, where everyone is healthy.


  2. Hi Guys. Shana (former shipmate) here, in quarantine in Woodland Hills, CA.
    Even though I am very jealous of your extended cruise, I love reading your blog. It’s nice to be kept up to date on what’s going on there; I can picture the activities and the food!
    Any photographs of the Suez Canal? I was so looking forward to that crossing and would love to experience it vicariously. Glad you got through the high risk area without any difficulties. Safe travels.


    • Hi Mona Liza – apparently they do this every 3 months. However, with only 4 of them it takes a couple of weeks and by the time they finish, books are already mixed up. This afternoon, we completed both decks in Explorers in a couple of hours, with 18 people.


  3. Wow! Sounds like from Tor’s video, you guys may be going all the way to the UK! Tor wants that Guinness World Record! We miss the Wonderful Viking Sun and Crew, but are glad to be safely back home to watch over our family in these crazy times.

    Liked by 1 person

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