Viking World Cruise – Update # 9

Viking Memo

The latest information we have been provided, is that on departure Suez Canal on April 3rd, we are bound for Lisbon, with an ETA sometime 11th April.

Way too early to know if we will get shore leave and/or flights home.

4 thoughts on “Viking World Cruise – Update # 9

  1. Andy, I’m still enjoying your blog, and learned a lot about Baggo. Loved the food photos. I’d like to see a Viking “Elite Eight Honorary Crew Members” segment on Following you with Panomax webcam & your position. I know there’re not exactly accurate, but it’s my connection to your amazing adventure. Prayers for your safe journey home in good health. Barb

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  2. Andy, I’ve been following your remarkable adventure for months now. What an unprecedented experience you’re having! I understand you were able to move to the suite of your choice. I’d really love to see some photos of your new accomodations! Thanks again for sharing your voyage with us. I’m praying for you and Judi to stay healthy and arrive home in safety.


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