Day 87 – 31st March 2020, At Sea

Manny with Josh and Tobias 3

Today, we had a relaxing morning and afternoon, as The Vikings had no scheduled Baggo match, but we did squeeze in a Laundry Tour at 11:30. However, we had a busy evening, with white wine tasting immediately followed by Manny’s 2nd show.

Temperature: Mid 30’s C

Wind/Weather: Clear, with slight haze around the horizon, light/moderate winds

Clox: No change (Z+3)


We continued steaming NNW’ly courses through the Red Sea, at 14.6 kts


At lunch today, the galley fulfilled another couple of requests:

  • Chilled beetroot soup, for Justyna, and
  • Chilli, for Wally

Four of us enjoyed a fairly mild chilli burger and chips

Dinner this evening was just the 8 of us, as the officers were busy, and with schedules varying due to the Insanity Workout and Wine Tasting, we couldn’t all start at the same time.

Poached salmon

Poached Salmon – always available

I skipped the appy, going straight for the poached salmon, which is always cooked to perfection – so moist and flaky. Growing up, my favourite dessert was Trifle (home-made), and while each British family had some minor differences, it is basically similar. Although Judi & I have mostly avoided desserts, ever since joining in L/A, every time I see Trifle on the menu, I do have to try it.

English trifle

Chef Style English Trifle

Sadly, we again received a Chef’s adaption of a traditional British recipe, which I did try, but found it incredibly sweet and missing the custard layer and sherry. Will definitely be making a real trifle once we get home and out of quarantine. After a quick Google search, Nigella’s recipe is close to what I know as British Trifle.


Daily Schedule

08:00 Spa Opens

09:00 Temperature Check

09:30 Baggo – Housekeeping received a default win, as Deck were too busy

10:00 Lectures – Various taped lectures in Cinema 1, until 16:00

10:00 Ted Talks – Space, various discussions in Cinema 2, until 16:00

10:30 Baggo – Giants v’s Raptors

11:30 Laundry Tour

17:45 Easy listening in Atrium, with pianist Andras

18:00 Insanity Workout

20:00 White Wine Tasting

21:00 Manny’s 2nd Show – “La Voce Volante”

22:00 Viking Band play on Pool Deck


We had a bye today, but there were two great matches today, especially the Restaurant Raptors v’s Galley Giants. The Raptors bring their own cheerleaders, who even have pompoms. After Round 1 it was a dead heat, after round 2 the Raptors were ahead by 35 and during round 3 it remained a close match. With 1 thrower each remaining, the Raptors were ahead by 60, but the Giants were 40 ahead with the Raptors having the last throw of the match. A bulls-eye, or blue zone would have won it for the Raptors, but sadly it hit the blue and bounced off. Great come-back win for the Giants.

Standings after 2 matches:

Team                                                  Played           Points               Percentage

The Vikings                                           2                     4                     167.3%

Beverage Bulldogs                               2                     4                     118.9%

Engineering Eels                                  2                     2                     111.1%

Restaurant Raptors                             2                     2                     105%

Housekeeping Hurricanes                 2                     2                     89%

Galley Giants                                        2                     2                      80.9%

Explorer Extremes                              2                     0                      65.9%

Laundry Tour

The Laundry Manager picked us up in the Atrium, after baggo, then we headed down the fwd crew lift to “B-Deck”. An amazing high-tech facility, with all the best equipment. On entering, they have 3 large washing machines (200 lb capacity each) and 1 smaller machine of about 130 lb capacity. Immediately in front of the washing machines was an amazing machine that dried and even folded the sheets. Set at a temperature of 165C, the staff fed a washed sheet onto the roller and by the time the sheet exited the machine, it was dry and folded. Unfortunately, towels were all folded by hand.

At the other end of the laundry was the pressing and dry cleaning stations. For pressing they have the old manual boards, but also some high-tech machines with foot-pedals, vacuums, steam and pressure.

A most impressive 1/2 hr tour prior to lunch.

Wine Tasting

This was set up in Chef’s Table, so was a short walk from Manfredis, after dinner. We had 5 white wines to taste:

  • Castell (France) Chardonnay
  • Pinot Grigio (Italy)
  • St Michelle (USA) Chardonnay
  • St Michelle (USA) Riesling
  • Another sweet white wine

Neither Judi or I cared for the two sweet wines, with our favourite being the Castell Chardonnay.

Manny’s Show – “La Voce Volante”

Manny's 2nd show

Stage set for Manny’s 2nd Show

This was a completely new show that Manny has developed with the band and technical team. It was very different from the high energy, rock music from Josh a few nights ago. This was more traditional classical, opera and theatre music. An excellent show. with Josh and Tobias joining him for the “Rat Pack” songs. Enjoy some photos from the show.

8 thoughts on “Day 87 – 31st March 2020, At Sea

  1. I probably missed this before, but is the crew in the passenger balcony cabins now as they are on the other cruise lines? I sure hope so!!! It seems that there are more than enough passenger cabins. The crew on many other lines are posting pictures of their cabins and their huge smiles being there. Speaking of, I may have missed it, but you were going to post pictures of your Explorers Suite?


    • At this time negative, the crew have remained in their own cabins, as they are doing extensive cleaning, maintenance and painting in the vacant pax cabins.


  2. Since the galley is taking requests, you might want to ask for chilled pea and mint soup. It is so delicious. We first had it aboard Orion last fall as an appetizer. It was so good we asked for another bowl for our dessert! Then our server jokingly asked if we wanted some to go. We said, “of course” so had it with a salad the next day for lunch.

    On our half-transatlantic, we were excited when pea soup showed up on the World Cafe menu. Alas, it was a different soup. But when the manager asked how our meal was and we told him about the chilled version, he asked the chef and a few days later he had it made just for us!


  3. We did find the laundry tour amazing! One guy is assigned to do all the ironing all day! That dryer and folding machine is really High tech! Steve is wondering if you are given an engine room tour. He wanted to do that.


  4. Judi, thanks so much for this blog. We left the ship for the USA on March 22 at 5.45 a.m. I only found out about your blog from Cathey and Stotts Reele yesterday. I have been reading and reviewing your pictures and we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to prepare this. It’s just fabulous. So glad that you’re all eating together. I figured that was the case with only eight. Glad that the crew gets to eat in World Cafe and attend the shows. Most importantly, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Lisbon doesn’t change their mind, but then living in an Explorer’s Suite with impeccable housekeeping and gourmet meals, why would you want it to end? Tell Norbert hello for us. And let Anna know that having the keys ready to the suites when it was announced made it that much more exciting. We miss all of them and the crew.
    By the way, I received an email from Viking.Tv with a video message from Mr. Hagen. Tell Norbert that the Viking.TV website is amazing and we’re so glad it was established. I sent an email to headquarters on how much we appreciated it. I also told them that Norbert was the best general manager we ever had on any of our Viking Cruises. They are all very good, but Norbert is the best by far. I trust The Restaurant Manager hasn’t jumped ship. Let him know that we think of him daily and miss his humor. What an exciting time for you! What memories! So Viking!


  5. Trifle! Yes! No! This is so interesting to me because I have never, ever had a “real” trifle on board any cruise ship. How strange is that? Pudding and a “jam” that is more like jello is not my idea of a trifle.

    Happy sailing! Wonderful posts.


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