Day 89 – 2nd April 2020, At Sea


Vegetable storageSince we had a day off from Baggo, it was a quiet morning, but the afternoon and evening were busy. Rather than have officers join us for dinner tonight, we started a new initiative of inviting crew members to join us for dinner, recognising the great service we have received.

This evening, Judi and I dined with our cabin stewards, who were both very comfortable with the experience and enjoyed their meal.

At 16:00, today’s ship tour included the I-95 and storerooms. More photos under activities.


We maintained NW’y courses at a speed of 13.5 kts toward Suez, anchoring about 18:00.


Partly cloudy with fresh NW’ly winds of about 25 kts.


For dinner this evening we invited our cabin steward Willie and his assistant Charisma.

Apr 2nd Charisma and Willie join us for dinner

Judi, Andy, Willie and Charisma

An excellent dinner, with great conversation, getting to know the crew members who have looked after our cabin so well these past 3 months.

Apr 2nd dinner sole

Sole with mashed spuds and spinach


Today’s activities included:

  • 09:00 Temperature check – optional for pax, mandatory for crew
  • 09:30 Baggo – Restaurant Raptors v’s Explorers Extremes
  • 10:00 Lectures – recorded lectures shown in Cinema 1
  • 10:00 Talks – Ted Talks on Explorers in Cinema 2
  • 10:30 Baggo – Galley Giants v’s Dingos
  • 14:00 Afternoon Melodies – Classical Duo in the Atrium
  • 15:00 Afternoon Melodies – Classical Duo in the Atrium
  • 16:00 I-95 Tour
  • 17:45 Evening Serenade – Pianist Andres tinkles the ivories
  • 18:00 Insanity Workout
  • 20:00 Wine tasting – Worldwide Chardonnays
  • 20:00 PS4 FIFA Tourament
  • 22:00 Music at Pool Deck with Viking Band

After breakfast and the temperature check, which confirmed we are still healthy, we sat in the Atrium enjoying a few pots of tea, while I got caught up with blog posts and reading the news.

I-95 from aft stairs looking aft

I-95 looking aft towards storerooms from Aft Stairwell

At 16:00, the Inventory Manager picked us up from the Atrium for our tour of the I-95 and storerooms. Most modern cruise ships have a main fore and aft alleyway 1 deck below the lowest passenger deck, that runs for most of the length of the ship. On US based ships it is known as I-95 and on British ships it is M-1.

I-95 looking fwd from storerooms

I-95 looking Fwd

Entering at the Aft Stairwell, we headed Fwd past numerous bulletin boards, Muster Lists, General Arrangement drawings, etc to the Crew Recreation Room, which is in the bow.

Crew recroom with Play stations

Crew Rec Room that has 2 PS4 stations with monitors

Crew Recroom computer workstations

Crew Rec Room computer stations

In addition to the PS4 and computers, they had a dart board, comfortable seats and a bar/snacks area.

Departing the Rec Room, we headed back down I-95, with the next stop being the Crew Messroom.

Crew messroom

Crew Messroom

Crew messroom 2

Crew messroom with all the port plaques displayed on the bulkhead

Crew galley servery

Crew messroom buffet counter

The crew messroom and galley were all shut down and had been thoroughly cleaned, as the crew are currently using the World Cafe for all their meals.

Our next stops were the domain of the Inventory Manager – all the store-rooms.

Vegetable storage 2

Vegetable Room

Vegetable storage +2C

Vegetable Room, which is maintained at +2C

Soft drinks storage

Soft drinks storage

Rice storage room

Rice Storeroom – was the fullest, as the crew use multiple bags per day

Milk storage +2C

Milk storage – maintained at +2C

Milk and Dairy storage at +2C

Dairy Storage – maintained at +2C

Butter and Cheese storage

Butter & Cheese Storage

Berry storage +2C

Berry Storage

Beer and Wine store with Inventory Manager

Alcohol storage

On completion of the I-95 tour, we headed back to the cabin, watching the arrival in Suez from the balcony.

Suez anchorages with ships waiting for convoy

Approaching Suez Anchorages at sunset

Enjoy the next 3 photos of the sunset as we headed for our anchorage.

Sunset ove Suez anchoragesApproaching Suez anchorages at sunset 2Approaching Suez anchorages at sunset 5

While we heard that our canal transit would be during the evening, we remained at anchor until about 04:00 tomorrow, at which time we commenced weighing anchor.

We were signed up for the 20:00 wine tasting, but although we were finished dinner, we were still chatting with Willie and Charisma. Enjoying the dinner, we had no desire to cut it short and head to the wine tasting. Therefore, unfortunately we missed the Chardonnays.

14 thoughts on “Day 89 – 2nd April 2020, At Sea

  1. Wonderful to have your stewards and waiters join you! Will Nelson be next? Got it right!!!! I’m loving the pictures and tour.


    • We would have invited Nelson, but one of the other couples invited him on the first night we invited the crew members. When we invite bar staff, we will consider others that have not attended before.


  2. what a wonderful thought and gesture inviting your cabin staff and waiters to join you and Judy for dinner. What experience for all of them . Dad


    • Thanks Mona Liza – We weren’t sure how it would turn out, but yes, I believe they certainly appreciated the offer and enjoyed the dinner, especially the steak and prawns.

      Visited the Medical Centre yesterday (not as a patient) and Bridge and Engine Control Room today. Basically they kept the video games areas to the end.

      Tomorrow night we are inviting our 3 waiters from our usual tables 151 & 153 for dinner.


  3. Thank you so much for your daily blogs and photos. I can imagine how interesting it would be to have dinner with the cabin steward and the assistant. We have never done any behind-the-scenes tour so this is very interesting for us.


  4. Absolutely love these photos and daily missives. And the photos are so detailed. What a treat. I feel as though I’m on board.


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