Day 93 – 6th April 2020, At Sea

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We have completed all the behind the scene ship tours, but still have the HR Crew Induction Training to attend, so we scheduled that for tomorrow afternoon. Since we were provided “Honorary Crew” badges, the H/R Manager offered to host a quick crew induction session for us.

Today we resume the Baggo challenge, after a 2-day sabbatical, read on to find out the result. Hint – it was really close < 100 points.


We maintained WNW’ly courses at a speed of about 12 kts, passing between Malta and Sicily. In the late afternoon, it was “Land Ahoy” as we got a quick glimpse of the top of the hills in Malta. No stopping, as we kept on cruising.


The low pressure system of the past few days has dissipated, so the winds were mostly light throughout the day, with partly cloudy skies.


During the cruise, we normally enjoyed dinner in the MDR in the Fwd, Port side, sitting at tables # 151 or # 153 most nights. While all the waiters and waitresses are excellent, we really enjoyed the amazing service provided by Andrian, Erald and Teyfun.

April 6th dinner with Erald Andrian and Teyfun 2

Judi and I with Andrian, Erald and Teyfun

With approval of the Restaurant Manager, we invited them to enjoy dinner with us tonight. Met in the Atrium at 18:30, then headed into Manfredi’s, where Archie had prepared a table for the 5 of us.

April 6th dinner Baklava made by Teyfun

Teyfun’s Turkish Dessert – Baklava

Although working as a Waiter, Teyfun is an accomplished Chef in Turkey, so made dessert for everyone tonight. It was delicious. He recently produced a Turkish night for the entire crew.

After departing the restaurant about 21:45, we headed to the Atrium, to enjoy a glass of Port. Great evening, with us being so lucky, being able to say thanks to these great people.


Today’s activities included:

  • 08:00 Spa opens
  • 09:00 Temperature check
  • 09:30 Baggo – Dingos v’s The Vikings
  • 10:00 Lectures – recorded lectures in Cinema 1
  • 10:00 Ted Talks – on Space in Cinema 2
  • 10:30 Baggo – Explorer Extremes v’s Engineering Eels
  • 14:00 Afternoon Melodies – Pianist Andras
  • 14:00 Atrium Coffee Club
  • 15:00 Afternoon Melodies – Guitarist Mark
  • 17:00 Zumba
  • 17:45 Evening Serenades – Classical Duo
  • 18:00 Insanity Workout
  • 20:00 Film in Star Theatre – Logan
  • 22:00 Music at Pool Deck with Viking Band

After breakfast and temperature check, we sat in the Atrium for a few minutes before our scheduled Baggo match at 09:30. With only 1 win, so far, we were expected to handle the Dingo’s comfortably, but they have been practicing and their scores are improving. Also, being 1 game behind, we are also in 2nd place, so this is an opportunity to regain our rightful spot atop the league.


Round 1 we did OK, as I scored all 4, with them all around the hole, so only 40 points today, rather than the 100 in the last match. Judi also scored with 3 of the 4. However, at the end of Round 1, we were trailing by about 35 points. In Round 2, I only scored with 1, as the others hit the board and bounced off. At the end of Round 2, we were 300 behind. Round 3 didn’t start any better, with most Dingo players scoring a bulls-eye with their final throw. With 4 throwers left, we were > 500 behind and facing a heavy defeat.

Fortunately, we rallied, eventually winning by only 80 points. Doesn’t help the percentage, but gets us 2 more points and back atop the table. We now require 1 win from our last 2 matches to be guaranteed a playoff spot.

After our match, we sat around the Atrium watching the 10:30 match and chatting, then headed to lunch about Noon.

In the afternoon, I enjoyed a pleasant walk around Deck 8 for > 1 hour, followed by a soak in the Spa Pool. Went out for a walk at 05:30, but it was way too cold for this West Coast Wimp. Much better temperature in the afternoon.

Retiring to the cabin, after an amazing dinner, we enjoyed some time on the balcony enjoying the full moon and the few stars that were visible.

7 thoughts on “Day 93 – 6th April 2020, At Sea

  1. So good to see you with Teyfun who was one of our favourite waiters when we were on board until Sydney. He showed us some of the beautiful paintings he had done on his days off. A very talented young man.Your posts have been amazing- the detailed descriptions and fantastic photos showed us how your very different cruise has continued.Thank you so much for all your hard work putting them together every day for us to enjoy. Hope you have a safe and uneventful journey home.Take care. Best wishes to you and Judi and enjoy your future travels with Viking when the world returns to normal.


  2. I hope Teyfun was able to make Turkish bread for the dinner, or as Gunter calls it, “balloon bread”. It is absolutely the best great in the entire world.


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