Viking World Cruise – Update # 10

Well the Magical Mystery Tour to Somewhere is quickly coming to an end, as we will disembark in Gibraltar on April 10th, flying up to London, for an overnight stay. We then fly home to Vancouver April 11th, at which time we will start our 14 day quarantine.

27 thoughts on “Viking World Cruise – Update # 10

  1. Thank you for our wonderful blog 😄 I have looked forward to my evening read of where you are and You daily experience!
    I can not get my head around that for the last three weeks or so with only 8 passengers on board the beautiful Viking sun how lucky you must feel and the beautiful team ,something you both will always remember and the team as well so many stories around the dinner table.
    Safe travel to all on board.
    Thank you Karen


      • Thank You Captain Andy. All good (and bad) things must come to an end. Personally, I waited for someone on board to grab a sextant. Oh well- I am too old, Sir. I wandered how may Lodge members were still on board after Dubai? Apology for an indecent question to which I do have a rough idea.
        So now what happens to 450+ Souls who remain on board after you leave in Gibraltar?
        I mean- from A to Z. Start with Anna, Arneka, and continue to Von and of course SHE- the almighty VIKING SUN.
        Mr Chairman of Viking Cruises, please answer if you read these posts.
        Mr Chairman- You were right when You forecasted that during one voyage Viking Sun passengers would experience more than most people would see in their life time.
        They/we have, Sir.
        God Bless You all.
        Barbara and Arthur from Melbourne


        • Arthur – good to hear from you, hope you had a safe flight home.

          My mother Lodge is St Andrew # 25 in St Andrews, Scotland.

          Most of the crew already have confirmed flights home from Portsmouth on Apr 16 or 17. When the vessel departs Portsmouth they will have about 80 crew remaining aboard. Mostly Deck & Engineering, but also includes the Doctor and a number of hotel crew. Obviously, a Cook is required and I believe they are keeping 5 cooks.


  2. Thanks for letting us join your adventures after we left you in Sydney. Your blog has been great. Hope that your trip home goes well. It is beautiful in BC now…spring has sprung!
    Safe travels,
    Janet and Keith


    • Hi Karen – will do. My resident nurse has lots of wipes and masks. The ship also provides a pack with additional masks, gloves and gel, which we will use everywhere once we disembark.

      Will give you a ring on the 12th. Stuck in quarantine for 2 weeks, then hopefully we can schedule a dinner, if social distancing permits.

      See you soon. Hope Richard is well.


  3. I have enjoyed reading your posts and the positive attitude you have maintained throughout this cruise/event. Good luck getting home safely.


    • Thanks – when you cruise with Viking, maintaining a positive attitude is really easy, especially when you consider our relationship with this amazing crew. We really are a family away from home. Not sure if it is the same on shorter cruises, but it definitely is on World Cruises.


  4. We were on the ship from Chile and ended our sailing 3 months later, early, from Darwin Australia. It was an amazing time. We have cruised 4t times but never for 3 months. It really becomes like a neighborhood filled with friends and family. My husband and I want to echo our gratitude Andy for all the hours you have put in writing the daily blogs. We truly appreciate your efforts and have enjoyed staying connected with the daily activities of the ship. It is nice to see the passengers and the crew. Safe travel home and please let us know when you arrive home safely AND when you complete your 14 day quarantine. We want to make sure you and Judi are safe at home. Say hello to my buddy, Justyn….I will never forget her. Vicki


    • Thank you so much for them blogs. So fun to hear your adventure after Heide and I disembarked in Sydney. Yes tell hi to Justyna. Her and Wally were great. Always checked on me when I had that fun kidney stone. And hi to my favorite Dr Bruno. You both have a safe trip home to Vancouver. We are just down the road in Seattle.

      Rob and Heide


  5. Take the suggestion on disinfectant wipes for wiping seats and other surfaces on the plane, hotel and airport. This virus can stay on surfaces for several days.


  6. We have so enjoyed your updates and photographs. You have certainly had some unique experiences as a result of the difficulties of getting home. Found you by chance when trying to find out what was happening with the rest of the Viking ships after all the problems due to coronavirus started. We were due to cruise on Viking Orion Sydney to Bangkok 18th Mar – 17th April, but of course, Viking cancelled it and refunded money + compensation. Good outcome, but disappointed to miss a part of the world we have not traveled – maybe another year! Hope you get home without problems. Stay safe & well. Margaret & Tony from Surrey UK


  7. Sorry your trip is coming to an end. Please stay safe and we’ve really enjoyed your voyage ! One question: would you do it over again ? if offered and where is your next trip planned ? please stay safe and WELL !


  8. I was hoping y’all would remain aboard helping us live vicariously until the “all clear” was given. Oh well 😢

    A couple of disembarkation suggestions based on ours from Sky. Presuming you have a ziplock bag, ask you room steward for a handful of disinfectant wipes to use to wipe down the bus to the airport, the plane seats (don’t forget the seat belt) and the hotel room. I suspect the ship’s doctor could also provide you with some masks. Given y’all have stayed healthy this long don’t want it to change now!

    Safe(and uneventful)travels!


    • Hi Clay – thanks for the suggestions, DW was a trauma RN and never travels without N95 masks and wipes. We have about 2 containers of wipes remaining and numerous masks, as we gave some to friends departing in Dubai.

      The ship also provides a care package with masks, gloves and gel.

      I will listen to the Boss as she is the expert in these matters. Will certainly try our best to remain healthy.


  9. I started following you because we were on the sun from LA to Sidney. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you!

    Text and typos from my iPhone



  10. We have so enjoyed the trip from Sydney with you via your blog. Please let us know when you arrive home safe and sound! Thank you for your all your updates.

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