World Cruise # 3 – 2023 or 2025???

Viking ship photo

Viking Cruise Ship – courtesy of Viking Cruises

Since returning from the curtailed 2020 Viking World Cruise in April, our wanderlust lifestyle of extensive travel, has seen a significant change. We can’t cross the border and International travel isn’t recommended, so last summer when our local COVID numbers were excellent, we enjoyed a week in Victoria and another in Whistler.

Unfortunately, with COVID numbers recently taking a turn for the worse, our Health Officer has recommended travel be limited to only what is essential. Therefore, last week Judi & I cancelled our reservation at our Victoria condo for next month.

So, you may ask, what does all this have to do with another WC in 2023 or 2025 – read on, for breaking news.

Our regular readers know we enjoy longer cruises, especially World Cruises, where the exceptional crew do all the cooking, cleaning and making/serving drinks. Isn’t life grand aboard a ship, with lots of time for exercise, enrichment, entertainment, dining, etc. and bonus, I don’t even have to drive the ship.

When we booked the 2020 WC, we liked the 5 yr gap. Therefore, WC # 3 should be in 2025, but the post title mentions 2023 or 2025, so which one is it.

2023 Viking World Journeys

2023 Viking World Journeys map

Due to the pandemic, our journey to selecting the 2023 WC has been long and complex, with the original booking, a 2021 River/Ocean combo, which we made back in February, aboard the Viking Sun. With cruising still shut down, last month we shifted the original booking to a B2B – Meddy to Bergen followed by a Midsummer Night’s cruise, in May/June 2022. Surely, it will be safe to travel in 2022.

On Tuesday morning, Viking published their 2023 World Cruise. We have an extensive network from 2020, with many voicing an interest in 2023. Judi and I sat down, reviewed the itinerary and the pros/cons of the 2022 B2B and the 2023 WC.

Viking recently announced their COVID protocols and we are extremely impressed with the investments and measures taken to keep the crew and pax safe:

  • Installed PCR testing labs with capacity to conduct a daily non-invasive saliva test of each crew member and pax
  • UV sterilisation installed in the air handling units
  • Robots for UV sterilisation of public spaces
  • All the usual masks, social distancing, etc.

For the 2022 cruise, we have no worries that Viking cannot keep us safe, but do we want to be investing considerable sums of money to travel with COVID protocols and remain within the ship’s bubble. We enjoy booking private tours, or just wandering around the port, which is not happening, at present, as shore leave is only granted for cruise line shore-ex.

With concerns that 2022 is too early for getting back to a normal cruising experience and a number of our fellow 2020 pax interested in a reunion, we opted to delay to 2023. By 10:00 Tuesday morning, we were on the phone to our exceptional Travel Agent Paula at Transat Travel and after an hour with Viking, she had us confirmed, with the same cabin # 4058. Only 760 days until we board Viking Neptune, Viking’s newest ship.

Subsequent posts will cover the ship and itinerary, and include some links.

13 thoughts on “World Cruise # 3 – 2023 or 2025???

  1. Glad to hear your cruising adventure will continue! We are booked for a cruise in August of 2021 and hope that it happens! I enjoy reading your blog and especially your very well done reviews of ships, entertainment etc.


  2. Glad to hear you guys are well. We’ve sign up for the 2021 world cruise but might be switching to the next year….hopefully the vaccine will be here in Florida and can get it soon think like sometime in the spring. Love reading your adventures. Hopefully all will be right by spring. Stay healthy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


  3. Hi Andy and Judi! You have made a great choice! We have been wondering how the two of you have been doing so it is great to see that you are well, following the guidelines of your incredible Dr. Bonnie Henry and still enjoying life! Back to 2023, we are great believers in UV sterilization and applaud Viking! Merry Christmas to you and your family as we/you all celebrate in a different but still enjoyable fashion! All the best in 2021.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Oly,

      Sadly way too many of our fellow citizen, with their sense of entitlement, are not complying with Dr. Henry. However, we are fully in compliance.

      Merry Christmas and Happy NY.


  4. Wonderful News. Thank you for the update. We are from Fl so January is too nice to leave.

    We are booked on a 94 day Regent Grand Voyage Arctic Cruise (NY to NY)
    June 2022. Get out of Florida during the humid months. Hoping for all of us to return safely to our cruising adventures. Happy holidays to everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Vicki,

      With the current travel restrictions, we are stuck on the West Coast and it is currently way to cold for us. Wishing we were somewhere warmer.

      Just checked out your Regent cruise, wow!! what a brilliant itinerary – enjoy.

      Merry Christmas & happy NY.


  5. Fantastic! Smart move going for 2023. Dr Bonnie would be pleased 🙂 and I think 2025 is way too far off!
    Have yourselves a Merry Christmas in these challenging times. What a mind-blowing year! Have missed your excellent blog posts,but hope you will be getting the vaccine and back on the road in 2021. Greetings for Richmond and stay safe out there.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Patricia,

      Greeting from a rather chilly Maple Ridge, thanks for your comment.

      We are definitely not anti-vaxers, so yes we will graciously accept the vaccination, when it becomes our turn. Hopefully late Spring/early summer.

      Current plans for 2021 is to take our trailer across country to the Redwood Rally and to visit family in Ontario, all subject to people following the guidelines from Dr Henry and her colleagues, getting the COVID numbers significantly reduced.

      Wishing you a Merry Christmas and for a vastly superior NY in 2021.


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