2023 Viking World Journeys – 450 Days To Go

2023 World Journeys

OMG!!! we booked this cruise over 10 months ago, and we still have 450 days, until we board the magnificent Viking Neptune, in San Pedro, for our 3rd World Cruise. The number of days to go started at 760, so we have already passed 3 significant milestones – 700 days, 600 days and 500 days.

We booked the day the cruise was published, and immediately started contacting our many friends from previous cruises, with at least 6 other couples signing up. In adition to our Canadian & US friends, we also have friends from Sweden, who were our neighbours on the 2020 WC. We also have many of our blog readers, who followed along with our adventures on the Magical Mystery Tour (2020 WC), who have also signed up. Needless to say we are already developing a significant group on our very active Cruise Critic Roll Call.

I also produce a World Cruise Album, which is a Viking World Cruise tradition, and we already have 26 couples, who have contributed information and a photo. Please click on the link to view the album template.

Since booking this cruise, we have been busy reviewing additional cruise options, all which are with our new preferred cruise line – Viking Ocean. Rumours are circulating we may even have booked something, so check out the next posts.

4 thoughts on “2023 Viking World Journeys – 450 Days To Go

  1. I know you are not cruising for awhile, but did you discuss with your travel agent or Viking about what they might do if Covid comes aboard? I don’t know if it will still be a issue, but always good to cover all the bases. I heard recently of a Iceland cruise where there was an exposure and passengers were quarantined in cabin. Your thoughts?


    • Tammy,

      This is the million dollar question and unfortunately, there is no definitive answer.

      Viking’s policy is clear, in that, if a pax tests positive during the pre-boarding or daily testing, they are immediately quarantined and they will conduct a 2nd test. If the pax tests positive again, they are kept in quarantine and off-loaded at the next port with the required facilities.

      Onboard you are required to carry a “Contract tracing device” that can identify any close contact of an infected pax. Viking’s policy states all close contacts will be tested and provided you are negative, no need to quarantine.

      However, all cruise lines must comply with the local rules of the countries they visit, and as usual whenever Governments are involved they may change frequently. Some countries require any positive cases to be removed from the ship and quarantined ashore – I believe Iceland did this, as did Bermuda.

      On another cruise, Viking identified a number of close contacts of an infected pax. Iceland required them to quarantine ashore, or be sent home, even when none were infected.


        • Viking advise once your quarantine is over they will assist with retuning to the ship or home, and will discuss compensation/refunds. However, I would have travel insurance coverage that would cover both quarantine costs and the trip interuption/cancellation.


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