Summer/Fall 2021 – British Columbia Staycations

Humpback Tail Off Victoria

Having been cooped-up in the house since returning from the 2020 World Cruise, on Viking Sun, Judi and I decided it was time to start returning to our somewhat pre-COVID nomadic lifestyle. No fancy cruises or trips across Canada in the RV this year, but we did book some time locally in our RV and a couple of our local timeshares.

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Victoria – August 2021

Worldmark Victoria

We booked our Victoria timeshare, which is next door to the Coast hotel, on the waterfront. A truly amazing location, with almost every room having million dollar views.

Sunrise view from the balcony

As soon as we mentioned Victoria, our older grandson started asking to come with us again, as we took him for a week last year, and he still remembers the pool. Before COVID, we used to go swimming every week and by 4 yrs old, he was already a reasonable swimmer, but in the last 18 months, he has seen virually no pool time.

Well he certainly made up for lost time, with an average of 4 hrs per day pool time – 2 hrs in the morning and another 2 hrs in the afternoon. Needless to say, after the week, Grampa was exhausted and in serious need of a rest.

Whale Watching Boat – BC Tika

I had checked the weather for over a week, booking a morning Whale Watching excursion, on the calmest day, for the 3 of us. As can be seen from the photos, the water was almost smooth. Above is the boat arriving at the pier. Fabulous 3 hrs – sighting and following a pod of Orcas, a humpback and numerous sealions and birds. Enjoy a few of the photos.

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Osoyoos – Sept 2021

As soon as the kids returned to school, Judi and I had the Redwood 5th Wheel hitched-up and were heading to BC Wine Country – Okanagan Valley. We prefer the south end and usually book the NKMip Campground.

2020 Viking World Cruisers

In addition to being a short break for us, we also arranged a reunion of fellow passengers from the 2020 Viking World Cruise. The above photo has Deb & Munro, all the way from Ontario and Ron & Alison from North Dakota. In addition to nightly campfires, we may also have visited a few of the local wineries. A great week, and we have another planned in North Dakota next year.

Whistler 2021

Right after our Thanksgiving, Judi and I headed up to our Worldmark Sundance timeshare in Whistler, for a couple of weeks. Although we don’t ski or mountain bike, we just enjoy the village and local scenery.

View from our balcony

1 thought on “Summer/Fall 2021 – British Columbia Staycations

  1. I am living vicariously through you both. We are booked for Dec 2023 world cruise so have a long wait, but can’t wait to follow you on your cruise next year. It’s so nice to see everyone more out and about now. Stay safe


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