World Cruise Prequel

Los Angeles to London isn’t quite a World Cruise, so in addition to the 29-day extension, Judi & I had discussed also booking the pre-World Cruise Trans-Atlantic. Therefore, the only part we would miss is the Trans-Canal from Ft Lauderdale to Los Angeles. A couple of relaxing weeks aboard Viking Neptune sailing across the Atlantic, fly home for Christmas, Hogmanay and our grandson’s birthday, before flying to Los Angeles and rejoining the ship. Simply perfect.

So often in life, timing is everything, well Viking published the Viking Neptune’s pre-World Cruises last week, when Judi and I were discussing some options for heading over to UK for my dad’s celebration of life. We haven’t finalised that event yet, but one of the options meshed perfectly with this cruise. Please click “Continue Reading” for the itinerary.

Viking Neptune will be Viking Ocean’s 9th ship and at this time the keel still hasn’t been laid, or at least Viking & Fincantieri haven’t released a press release announcing this key milestone, in building a ship. She is due to be handed over to owners in mid November 2022.

Last week, Viking announced a number of new, pre-World Cruise sailings:

  • November 24th Athens to Barcelona – 15 days, arriving December 8th
  • November 24th Athens to Rome – 8 days, arriving December 1st
  • November 24th Athens to Ft Lauderdale – 29 days, arriving December 22nd (not yet available on website, but can be booked
  • December 1st Rome to Barcelona – 8 days, arriving December 8th
  • December 1st Rome to Ft Lauderdale – 22 days, arriving December 22nd (not yet available on website, but can be booked)
  • December 8th Barcelona to Ft Lauderdale – 15 days, arriving December 22nd (not yet available on website, but can be booked)

The World Cruise visits most of the ports between Athens & Barcelona, so Judi & I only booked the Barcelona to Ft Lauderdale portion. Very reasonably priced at CAN $4,899. Our Travel Agent paid the deposit this morning, confirming the booking and our usual cabin.

2022 Atlantic Crossing itinerary:

  • Day 1 Barcelona – overnight
  • Day 2 Barcelona Dep 13:00
  • Day 3 At Sea
  • Day 4 At Sea
  • Day 5 Madeira Arr 08:00 Dep 17:00
  • Day 6 At Sea
  • Day 7 At Sea
  • Day 8 At Sea
  • Day 9 At Sea
  • Day 10 At Sea
  • Day 11 At Sea
  • Day 12 St Maarten Arr 08:00 Dep 13:00
  • Day 13 At Sea
  • Day 14 At Sea
  • Day 15 Ft Lauderdale Arr 07:00

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