2022 Ford F-450 King Ranch Ultimate – Update # 2

I ordered the new truck way back in August 2021, experiencing no progress for almost 7 months. A month ago, it took the first baby steps towards production and eventual shipping to the West Coast. Since my last post, it is now built and on a railcar car.

Schedule (for my records)

  • 31st August – Order submitted and confirmed by Ford Canada
  • October – added King Ranch Ultimate package, which includes the motion seats & moonroof. Deleted wheel well liners and spray-in bed liner
  • November – was previewing, but couldn’t be scheduled due to shortage of wheels & Dually truck beds
  • December – Ford improve the Priority Code to 2, to increase the potential of it being built.
  • February – Chip shortages resulted in production slow-downs
  • 17th March – VIN issued and scheduled to be built 1st April
  • 26th March – rescheduled to 8th April
  • 29th March – order sent to the truck plant, which is start of the production phase
  • 30th March – Window sticker published, which is available to view on the Ford tracking page
  • 6th April – Scheduled to start production today, but nothing
  • 7th April – Actual start of production
  • 9th April – Rolled off the production line
  • 10th April – Across the street at Ground Effects for 5th Wheel install
  • 11th April – Released by the factory, awaiting shipping
  • 12th April – Shipped, departed factory on a railcar. ETA 26th April to 2nd May
  • 15th April – Arrived Chicago, IL at 14:45. Spent Easter in Chicago. ETA updated to 7th May to 13th May

While the wait for scheduling was longer, without a VIN, there was really no resources available to check on progress. However, this past month, I may have been checking the Ford tracker multiple times a day for any changes in status. Now that it is shipped, the dealer provided me with the railcar number from Ford’s Vehicle Visibility Report (VVR), and from the forums, I have a number for CSX. They have an automated phone system that I can call, for daily updates, on the railcar’s progress towards the West Coast.

My last 2 trucks were also “Special Order”, but I gave the dealer the order and he phoned when they arrived. Never paid any attention to the process or progress of construction, or shipping. This one has been a little different as I enjoyed researching the build process and following along with the progress.

Hopefully, next month I can post photos of a delivered truck and get back to writing about World Cruise planning.

8 thoughts on “2022 Ford F-450 King Ranch Ultimate – Update # 2

  1. Totally unrelated to this post. I have a question for you. On our recent trip to Egypt I looked at your posts and you said you had visited Egypt, but it looks like you just transited the canal, correct? Did your feet actually step on the country of Egypt and if not, does that still count as a country visited?


    • On our last 2020 WC we only did the Canal transit, but I have been in Egypt many times before. On the SS Uganda, we were in Alexandria or Port Said every 2-weeks and as a Cadet, I was always voluntold that I was joining the Cairo/Pyramid shore-ex as an escort.


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