2022 F-450 King Ranch Ultimate – It’s Finally Here

Finally, the wait is over, and I recently picked up my new F-450 from West Coast Ford, after a wait of 8 months, 8 days and about 22 hrs, but who’s counting. Picked her up from the dealer a couple of weeks ago, but couldn’t get her in to the detail shop for the first wax & shine, so these are the first photos.

After the long wait for the scheduling and build, the shipping phase was short, taking only 15 days, when the average to the West Coast is 23 days. I had the rail car number, so was checking the automated system daily, which had her stuck in Chicago for over 1 week. I checked the system, which stated she was still in Chicago, then an hour later the Sales Manager called to advise the truck was on the lot.

F-450 from driver’s side

During transit it experienced some scrapes on the hubs, which isn’t that uncommon with duallys, so waited a week while they made good repairs and sent it to the local Line-X for the spray-in bed liner.

First Impressions

OMG!! what a great truck, why did I have to go through the 350 SRW and 350 DRW to finally get with the program and go big. Mind you, in addition to the beefed-up suspension, brakes and tighter turning circle, it also has vastly improved technology.

The F-450 is a de-rated Class 4 truck, so the GVWR is the same as the F-350 at 14,000 lbs, instead of 16,000 lbs for a Class 4. Although a more capable truck than the old F-350 DRW, the payload is actually about 600 lbs less, as the F-450 is that much heavier. However, with a payload of 4,600 lbs, it is still more than capable.

Driver’s Door Plate

King Ranch

Both previous trucks were Lariat trim, but Ford have changed the trim levels and deleted some of the standard equipment. We could have added some additional options, but opted to move up to the King Ranch trim level, adding the “Ultimate” package for the massaging seats, double panel moonroof and the adaptive cruise control.

The 2022 Super Dutys received an upgraded 12″ screen, which is simply amazing, when coupled with the 360-degree cameras.

Forward Looking Camera
Forward Looking Camera with the 360-Degree View
Centre Console – 12″ Screen, B&O Radio Controls, Climate Controls, Wireless Charging Pad, 4×4 Selector, Trailer Brake Controls & Trailer Parking Control

The buttons along the top of the screen (R to L) – cameras, hill descent control, hazard flashers, Stability/Traction Control, Exhaust Brake.

Massaging Seats Controls
Navigation Map

Next week we are heading out to North Dakota for a 2020 World Cruise re-union and birthday, taking the new truck. Unfortunately, since it only has 100 miles on the clock, we are not hauling the 5th wheel over the Rockies.

8 thoughts on “2022 F-450 King Ranch Ultimate – It’s Finally Here

    • Thanks.

      Yes, for a truck, it really is fun to drive, way better than the old F-350. Lots of power (when not towing), great road handling while cornering and the massaging seats are brilliant during long 12 hr drives.


  1. Congrats. We are waiting on an Expedition Max. Hopefully it gets built this week (we hope!).

    We used to RV and cruise, but its the rubber-tired cruiser for us now.

    (Saw you on CruiseCritic, we are “sandinbob”)


  2. Hey Andy, so thrilled you finally got your new truck! Hope you and Judi enjoy it for many years to come! Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming trip to ND….
    Stephen Hardy

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