Cruising – Trans Atlantic & World Cruise

Unfortunately, we had to cancel both of these cruises, so will be unable to post daily reports from the amazing Viking Neptune.

Hoping to resume our cruising and RV’ing lifestyle next Summer and Autumn.

5 thoughts on “Cruising – Trans Atlantic & World Cruise

  1. We too followed you after we left from Dresden Australia and did not continue the Viking World Cruise. Thank you for your post. I hope your enjoying your beautiful new truck.
    I hope you both are ok. Best wishes!!!


  2. Hi Andy & Judi, We have never met, but Terry and I have been following your blog since we disembarked the World Cruise in Bali due to the Covid problem.  We were looking forward to meeting you on the Neptune in January when we try again. I trust that whatever has prompted this change will be temporary and that you will be able to resume your travel adventures soon.  We thank God for each trip that he allows us to take and every individual that we are privileged to meet.   Thanks for the insight your blog provided into the portion of the “Mystery Cruise” that we regret we did not take. Blessings,Dave Monaghan


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