Love Boat Couple (About Us)

The Life and Times of Andy & Judi

Andy & Judi in Hawaii

Andy & Judi in Hawaii

Welcome and congratulations on finding the Love Boat couple’s travel blog and checking us out. You may ask, did you guys really meet or work on the Love Boat? Basically – yes, so read on for the scoop.

SS Oriana the P&O cruise ship that brought us together

SS Oriana the P&O cruise ship that brought us together

We are Andy & Judi and we met on the cruise ship SS Oriana in December 1977, during a voyage from Vancouver to Sydney. Andy was a fledgling trainee officer, or cadet and Judi was one of the many young Canadian passengers that boarded in Vancouver. Romance upon the high seas, a P&O cruises tradition, long before the Love Boat aired on TV. We had kept in touch, and in December 1979 when Andy left the Island Princess in Los Angeles, rather than returning to UK, he invited himself to Vancouver for Christmas. Things moved rather quickly from then, within 3 weeks we were engaged and in 6 months it was husband and wife. Who said whirlwind shipboard romances don’t last, as we reached 42 years in 2022 and still going strong.

With both children happily married and moved out, we have enjoyed the empty nest life style of more disposable income and consequently more travel.

Our Redwood 36FL and Ford F350

Our Redwood 36FL and Ford F350

Now in retirement, we are seriously afflicted by the travel bug we experienced when younger, but was rather subdued during the child rearing years. In planning for retirement we purchased additional timeshare credits with Worldmark, so we now have about 6 weeks per year and purchased a Redwood 5th wheel to enjoy the RV’ing lifestyle. In addition we cruise regularly, previously with Princess, but now with the small ships of Viking Ocean.

Andy at Cape Enrage LighthouseBorn in Scotland and had the travel bug from an early age. Initially wanted to be a pilot, but British Airways stopped training in the early 70’s and eventually shut down their training facility. In 1975, on completing high school, he implemented plan B and ran away to sea with P&O. He married Judi in 1980 and moved to Canada, although he continued working for P&O/Princess Cruises. The home life quickly beckoned, so he left cruise ships, in favour of working on the local ferries, quickly attaining command. Spent 28 years as a Captain, finally retiring at the end of 2012. Loves cruising, photography and still follows his football (soccer) team the Rangers FC from Glasgow.

Judi at Louisbourg lighthouse pointAs a Canadian Forces brat, she has lived all across Canada and also a few years in Germany, while her dad was posted overseas. She always had a love of nursing, so on finishing high school, signed up for the LPN course, which she completed in 1975. After a few years of experience as an LPN, it was onto the RN program, which she started just after our wedding in 1980. As an RN, she worked in a number of specialty areas, with the last 14 years in the Emergency Department of the local trauma hospital. In addition to cruising and travelling, her interests are reading, enjoying time with pets, family and various crafts.

Duke getting out of the waterOur yellow Labrador of 13 years and is the epitome of man’s best friend. On visiting the breeder we had a choice of 2 puppies, a female that was hyper and bouncing all over, or a male, who came over and lay on our son’s foot and promptly fell asleep. So you guessed it, we took the male and Duke entered our lives. What an unbelievably great companion and while he is a little slower, he is still going strong.

Update – after 13.5 years and his final trip across the country, Duke made his final vet visit in October 2016, and is now resting peacefully.

Port Shoreham Provincial Park Kona brings the stick to the truckAbout 9 years ago we lost an incredible German Shepherd at only 7 years old and we both decided that she would be our last GSD. Well that only lasted a year, so 9 years ago we started looking for a new puppy. Kona is the result of that search and she has similar bloodlines to both previous GSD’s. Where Duke was quiet and laid back, she is definitely the opposite. Extremely high energy, but exceptionally smart, loyal and easy to train.

Judi’s cat, as Andy was never brought up with cats and prefers the dogs. He is an indoor cat and while he doesn’t like to travel in the car, he is learning to travel with us in the RV. When on the move he hides in the bedroom and honours us again with his presence when we are set up and the slides are out.

We hope you follow our blog and enjoy reading about our wanderlust lifestyle, as we enjoy retirement to the max.

21 thoughts on “Love Boat Couple (About Us)

  1. Thanks for the blog and all the details! Not to mention the photos – I’m a fan of the food pix. I just read the whole of your Viking trip, including the posts about your lovely “yacht”. You definitely convinced me that Viking is a great company, but I’m afraid I’m still not sold on cruising. Too little time in port, and too much food on board, plus I travel solo and I’m tone deaf. I did take Hurtigruten from Bergen to Kirkenes (great scenery), and Navimag’s Evangelista from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt (more great scenery), but the latter is really not a cruise ship! I have been considering an Alaska cruise, but I’m more excited by the ferry system.

    My real love is overland travel by train, but I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to handle it. While it’s true that you can’t go all the way round the world by train, as you can by ship, I did once travel from Scotland to Saigon with all forward progress by train (seven months and 17,000 miles, counting all the detours).


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  2. I have to give you a big thank you for your excellent blog. During the time of Covid-19 I took the opportunity to read all of the posts, yes, I am a binge reader! I found your blog from the Cruise Critic forum of your worldwide cruise ending with a private yacht, not a manner in which you wished the cruise to end, but for some of the time having the ship empty must have had certain good points.
    We live in Pasadena although originally from Maine and New Jersey. My wife is retired and while I am retired, I do some consulting about 20 weeks per year. We cruised Princess to Hawaii from San Pedro, a four day Thanksgiving Cruise, a Vancouver to San Pedro and my wife did a Panama Canal Cruise with our daughter. We have a Viking Cruise set for April 2021 Venice to Istanbul which I am confident will go.

    I do travel quite extensively on a vicarious basis through blogs and Facebook. I find it interesting that you live in Maple Ridge which is where a friend of my late Mother lives. The two of them met and went to school from Grade One to Twelve in Montreal.

    Thanks again



  3. I was on the sun from La to Sydney. Had the best time ever. Thank you for bring back great memories. About 10 of us who departed in Sydney. Waved and cheered as the ship left the harbour from the Sydney opera house waving towels, I was waving my seahawk flag. Lol. If you could email me I have a big favor to ask. Thank you


  4. Nice to meet both of you. My wife Debbie and I live in our RV full-time, we have large WorldMark and Vacation Internationale timeshare memberships, and we love cruising too. We have only done about 15 cruises total, and will be going on our first World Cruise in 2021 on the Island Princess. I love the fact we have so much in common, so it is very nice to meet you. We love your blog!!! Our retirement website is D & D World Travel (


  5. Judi and Andy.
    I am the guy you wrote to about Brexit. Thanks again. I noticed in your signature that you were also into RV-ing. My wife Dede and I are also-28,000 miles last year on a class b Winnie Sprinter to 28 National parks. WE also are boaters with several trips to eastern Canada and the Rideau canal.. We are in our 70’s and live in Ri and VT –Ri for boating and VT fort skiing. We ski the Alps in Italy often and Cruse Europe with Princess. Our next adventure will be South America and the Pacific Islands. Hope you finish your map with filling in RI and VT would love to show you arena.


    • Hi Jim – VT is definitely on the agenda. We had plans to tour the State a couple of years ago, but had to return to the West Coast . Hope to meet on the road one day.


  6. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog earlier in the month.Just wondering if there was a particular city you wanted to try the gpsmycity app for? If so which one and would it be for iOS or android?
    Glad to see there’ll be more posts from on the road coming up shortly 🙂


    • Emma,

      Thanks for the offer, but I don’t use a mobile. First thing I ditched upon retirement. Yes, this is the longest we have spent at home in over 3 years, so we are looking forward to hitting the road again. However, in the interim we are spending about 3 weeks in Maui starting middle of April.

      Hope you enjoyed your time in Whistler. My dad is coming over for a month and we are taking him up to our timeshare condo for 3 days to tour the Olympic sites. Hope the snow is gone by then, as you visited on a year with near maximum snow pack.

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    • HaHa – you bet, and keeping it in the family, our son is also a member of the Trans-Atlantic Club, as our daughter-in-law is from Manchester, UK and although living in Dubai for a few more years, she calls Canada her new home.

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out our travel posts.

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