Day 51 – Le Havre, France – July 11th, 2015

Le Havre – 07:00 to 20:00

Having already visited the Normandy Beaches last year, which we consider is the primary attraction in this region, we initially booked a tour to the local fishing village of Honfleur. However, after the long and strenuous tours of the past couple of weeks, Judi really needed a few more days of rest and relaxation, so today was a quiet day. Some think Paris is the premier tour, but at least 6 hours from/to Le Havre, with only 3 hours playing tourist in Paris just wasn’t even close to our idea of fun. Others made the Paris sojourn, but not us.

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Day 45 – Cannes & Tour to Monaco – July 5th, 2015

After three long days in the past four days, Judi’s back and hips gave up and she needed a rest day, so I headed out on tour on my own. Today’s tour was brilliant, one of the best, if not the best so far on this 2015 World Cruise. This post will cover the departure from Cannes and the return back to the ship from Monaco. Due to the number of photographs taken (> 300)I struggled to cull them down to about 30, so I created four posts for this exceptional tour of the playground of the rich and famous.

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Day 45 – Cannes, France – 5th July, 2015

Cannes, France – 07:00 to 17:00

We arrived at the home of the Cannes Film Festival and playground for the rich and famous, but wait, with all this extravagance they don’t have a cruise ship dock. You guessed it, a tender port. Judi’s back and hips are complaining, after the strenuous tours of the past few days, so I am heading out on today’s adventure alone. This tour was brilliant, with guided portions and lots of free time for independent exploring and snapping lots of photographs. Judi’s last words were, “Take lots of photos”. Well over 300 photographs and an almost exhausted battery, should be enough.

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