Day 93 – Tahiti Tour – August 22nd, 2015

This post will cover the voyage down the Tahiti Coast, some photographs of the area surrounding the berth and our tour. Today’s tour comprised a scenic drive around the island’s ring road, which is about 50 miles around and included a number of stops at points of interest, viewpoints and some lunch. To summarise our experience today, Tahiti is one of the many volcanic, tropical islands, which we found  is highly developed, as almost the entire road around the island has homes and/or businesses. We also noted that the majority of residences can best be described as functional living, as we didn’t drive by any mega homes and/or highly manicured lawns.

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Day 93 – Tahiti, French Polynesia – August 22nd, 2015

Tahiti – 08:00 to 19:00

Due to the weather, adverse current and I also suspect one engine not being online at times, our 07:00 arrival was delayed by an hour, but the Captain also delayed the departure by an equal amount. Today is the first of two days in French Polynesia, with Tahiti being most definitely the bigger of the two islands. Our tour today consists of a circumnavigation of the island with a number of stops at various points of interest. While eagerly awaiting the South Pacific islands, having now completed the tour, in our opinion, Tahiti is like any of the other many highly over developed tropical islands.

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